1. That did it. I’m going to drag 2 hog flanks out of the freezer to thaw to get slammed on the fire this evening. Yes, a picture is worth a thousand….

  2. The Mediterranean diet as a low fat, low meat thing is just another lefty lie. But you knew that.

    They’ll have a nice salad, but only in a meal that includes a gigantic cheesy pasta with a pound of bacon or some small thing as Osso Bucco, braised veal calf. As an appetizer. I’ve spent a lot of time on the shores of the Med and those guys eat a lot, all the time, as far as I can see, and not much of it is grazing on greenery.

    To the extent the Meds stay thin, and they don’t much anymore, it’s because they work hard or avoid eating between big meals. Exactly the same as us.

    If you read this could you please mention the name of that bacon-y sandwich-y place in London you like so much? I’m here now, walking 20-25 kms a day and desperately in need of non-salad sustenance.

    1. The Pickle & Toast
      72 Wardour Street, London W1F 0TD
      2 or 3 blocks north of Shaftesbury Rd on the right

  3. We use a lot of olive oil, like olives and all that stuff but we eat meat, lots of it. This afternoon my wife was shopping at our local, wonderful HEB grocery store and brought home lot of good stuff including over four pounds of chicken leg quarters for 99 cents per pound with a dry barbecue seasoning. Cooking kind of low and slow on the grill we shared three quarters with two left over along with a steamer bag of slightly sauced mixed vegetables with a bit of butter and parmesan on top. Not much carbs in that and we keep her numbers, pre-diabetic in line for a meal for two for less than six dollars. What kind of country has food this cheap that tastes this good?

  4. My grandmother (bless her soul) passed away in 1993 just a few months short of her 100th. Being an Italian immigrant she always cooked Mediterranean style. Very little meat. I loved a tasty vegetable dish she often made called Googootz.

    She liked to send me out in her back yard to pick dandelion leaves, and she would make a dish out of that too. A little bitter for my taste…but I think it was just a trick to get me out of her hair and doing something productive.

  5. I see either salad makings or a snack(with some of the stuff), but a meal?

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