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We interrupt this blogging stuff for a brief (and completely un-sponsored) blatant plug non-commercial message.

As Loyal Friends & Readers know well, I love me my gin.  Mostly, I love it with Angostura Bitters (to make it pink) and a 7-Up/Sprite mixer to make it a thirst-quencher, which it is, oh yes indeed it is.

Because I add the above mixers, the brand is mostly irrelevant, as long as it’s London dry — Booth’s, Beefeater, Gordon’s, etc. — although I will confess to buying Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray quite often too, especially if they’re on sale.

Most of the “new” gins (e.g. Hendrick’s and Bulldog) have a flavor distinct from London dry, which makes the unadulterated sipping thereof a little problematic for me — others have compared it to sipping the peaty Laphroiag vs. the smooth Glenmorangie whiskies — and in general, I’ve pretty much grown up drinking “pink ‘n lemonade” (Brit-speak for 7-Up) by the pint, rather than sipping the lovely stuff anyway.

That’s all about to change, because I have discovered a fine “sipping” gin at last:

Good grief.  Smooth, clear taste;  no afterburn or bitterness… I don’t even want to try adding bitters and 7-Up to the lovely stuff, so good is it on my tongue.  And it’s relatively new on the market (story here) which may be why I’d never tried it before.

It’s a little pricey — about $15 a bottle more than, say, Gordon’s — but considering that I’ll be sipping it and not (ahem) chugging it down in beermugs with my bacon & eggs in the morning [some exaggeration], the cost isn’t that important.

There are other varieties of Sipsmith, e.g. “VJOP” and “Blue Label”, and the distillery also makes vodka and sloe gin, amongst other types,

…but for now I’m going to stick with the “regular” London Dry until I’ve sampled a case or two before I start going crazy and experimenting.  And the next time I’m in Londonistan, it’s to the Sipsmith Distillery I’ll be going.

Seriously, this is lovely stuff — and if you’re one of those heretics unfortunate souls who doesn’t like gin, you could do worse than to try this on the rocks at first, just to see.  It may change your life*, as gin has done for so many others over the centuries.

*not always for the better, of course, but we’re all grownups here.  Oh, and as always, I get nothing from anyone for plugging their products, and this time is no exception.


  1. My daughter brought some Hapenny Rhubarb Gin back from Ireland (it’s not imported) and it makes a wonderful Gin and Tonic. I will try the Sipsmith. Our go-to gin is Tanqueray so I’m betting Mrs D will like Sipsmith.

  2. Next time in Oregon, sample VIVACITY organic gin from the small family distillery in Corvallis, Oregon. All local-sourced organic ingredients.

    My chum Lindsay is a bartender, and makes anything tasty. She was very reluctant to sip straight gin… until she did.

    Sipping a couple times a month, a us$30 jug of VIVACITY lasts me a year. Amortized per sip, I get my money’s worth.

  3. The Berkshire Mountain Distillery’s gins are good sipping gins – and they’re different botanical mixes, not fruit gins. They have connected with some distributors across the US, but I’m not sure how common they are outside New England.

    Sadly, I don’t think the rest of their line is quite as good as their gins. None of their options are bad, they just aren’t memorable. The gin makes up for it.

  4. The “J” in “VJOP” is for Juniper, and whoooooo NELLIE is there a lot of juniper in there.

    Makes a damn good gin and tonic, or a dry martini.

    The Mrs. and I found Sipsmith about six months ago, and it’s easily our favorite gin. We introduced our priest to it, and it’s all he uses for gin now.

  5. Expert advice given by KdT over the years that I’ve followed:
    -Traded in 9mm for a 1911 .45
    -Got a Rick bass
    -Bought 2 bottles of Sipsmith (my gin loving wife asked if I could find a Gulpsmith). The lemon infused is really wonderful.

      1. 4003 in walnut (the only one I could afford). I wanted midnight blue to match my 360 but I didn’t want to pay another $700 to get it.

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