Quote Of The Day

Found at some bloke’s place in North Central Idaho:

Day 1:  Wish violence, rape, or even death on @NRA members & anyone who supports gun rights — and their children for good measure.
Day 2:  Wonder why the people you just threatened don’t want to give up their guns just yet.

Oh, and speaking of Joe Huffman:  I cannot attend this year’s Boomershoot (again! ) for family reasons, but next year, Rodders… and that’s a promise.


  1. Boomershoot! A friend and I will be hitting our fourth year in a row this year. All intents to make it five next year.

  2. Now how do you suppose that little bitch is going to enact his threat on people prepared to protect their lives? Oh that’s right. Whine to the monopoly on force.

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