Finally, someone in Germany has woken up:

Germany will become two ‘parallel societies’ if it does not demand integration from migrants, an expert has warned.
Professor Horst Opaschowski said Germany had ‘become a country of immigration overnight’ and said the refugee issue was likely to occupy German society for the next 20 years.
Mr Opaschowski, who describes himself as a ‘futurologist’ and political consultant, said the refugees and migrants who have arrived in Germany in recent years were likely to remain there.
Writing in Bild, he said the German government had to do ‘everything possible’ to ensure integration.

‘…if the state doesn’t do everything possible to integrate migrants and demand integration from them, the project will fail.’

Kinda like what the Danes are doing over in Danishland, where the children of (Muslim) immigrants are put into mandatory “culture” classes to aid in assimilation.

I know, I know… the Usual Suspect are going to start wailing about how this is “oppressive” and “cultural sublimation” (I’m guessing;  I have no idea what the current buzzwords are).

I have a simple statement for immigrants — to any country — and it’s the title of this post.

And no, it’s not an acronym for “First In, First Out” either.


  1. Fit In or Fuck Off – I love it!

    Better yet, don’t bother coming here if you will not assimilate.

    Sadly this is already evident in USA and going to get worse. Some twattmuffin in PA wearing a hijab is already demanding that the state senate stop offering a prayer to god at the opening of each session of the assembly as it offends her (we assume it is a her, had to tell). And we won’t even bother mentioning Dearbornistan MI or Somaliland MN.

    High time to declare CAIR and a number of other organizations to be terrorist and start deporting all members and associates. Heck, let’s be honest and follow Jefferson’s estimation that no Musselman should be allowed to enter this country as their creed is incompatible with our constitution.

    1. Sadly, Japan seems to be the only nation that gives a damn about this problem. They strictly follow Jefferson’s idea. No Muslims allowed, IIRC.

  2. German politicians will interpret it as the German people needing to do more to “accommodate refugees” and “accept their values and cultures” instead, forcing more “hate speech” laws and punishments for “islamophobia” on their citizens.

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