1. The era of Interesting Times starts now, when publishers and editors try to guess whether thay should head for the delousing tents or whether they should maintain their commitment to the leet.

  2. Embrace the corrective power of “Both”. First a generous dose of the cane…and not the schoolmaster’s cane, but the Singapore Slugger. Then the rope…with a drop of eighteen inches.

  3. In a just world, there would be a record increase of heart attacks and strokes in the MSM, Hollywood and the DC Metro area.
    I’m just going to sit here in my comfy , cool schadenfreude and watch the apoplexy unfold.
    That would be double comfy if Fox decides their insurance hedge, that lying, cheating, crooked Donna Brazile, isn’t needed now that Trump’s sticking around.

  4. Imagine how squeaky clean Mr Trump must be to have been through this two year, invasive, anal probing and they’ve come up with bubkis.

    That, or so much smarter than the democrats that it defies belief.

    And the “conservatives” are just as complicit. Who among them actually defended the president?

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