1. Just a heads up. Chinese formerly called the big city ‘Pegging’.

      Now they prefer ‘Beaking’. It’s an easy mistake. No harm done.

  1. While the condemned man’s last request was considered unusual, it wasn’t beyond the pale.

  2. I’ve no caption worth offering, only a question.

    Where have I seen that painting before? Isn’t it Jupiter getting fed by some goddess or something like that?

    My 66 year old CPU and memory units will probably pop the answer out sometime in the next few weeks, at which point I will have forgotten why I wanted to know.

  3. Peter Paul Rubens: Cimon and Pero (ca. 1630)
    I first thought it was another train smash woman picture, then I noticed the chains and realized it was something more … interesting.
    On further reflection, I notice that the woman has the body style that Kim seems to favor …

    1. Aside to Fred Z … if you bring up that picture in Chrome and right click it, Google will offer to find the image on the Internet. That’s what I did and got lots of different versions with titles, plus a ton of other information about Rubens. I am really going to miss the Internet when it’s gone.

        1. Well, she is not British after all. Why do Brit women tend to be more amply endowed?
          Anyway, this also reminds me of the old line, “I like fat girls because everywhere you touch, it feels like titties.”

    2. Thanks very much. And google tells me I saw it in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

      We were there last April. Fabulous place as were the Hermitage and the Rembrandthuis.

      1. If you get over there again, it’s worth a trip down to the Hague to see the Mauritshaus museum. Highly recommended.

        1. Noted, and thanks.

          I used to think I hated art.

          Then on a slightly alcoholic red winish lark in Madrid in 2009 wifey dragged me to the Prado. Been addicted since.

          God, I was stupid when I was young.

  4. I had to go look up that pegging. Wish I hadn’t.

    Him: “If she doesn’t reach down and start strokin’ my pipe I’m gonna chew her nipple off.”

    Her: “Why do they always prefer my right one?”

  5. Despite her advanced obesity, Bronwyn still felt ‘attractive’ to a certain demographic.

  6. Testing the latest version of her ‘natural pheromone’ perfume, Bronwyn realizes the application requires specific placement.

  7. Although olfactorily exhausted by years of professional sniffing, Elmer was able to squeeze-in a few more test sessions before retirement.

  8. Displaying a ‘false modesty’, Bronwyn exclaims “Look! A purple cow!”

    Undeterred, Elmer wasn’t to be distracted from physically reliving his first love… a full tummy.

  9. And then there’s this latest from moonbattery.com
    “Device Allows Fathers to Breastfeed”

  10. On-stage and encouraged by their passionate reading of the erotic classic STORY OF O, Bronwyn leads Elmer in a series of cos-play re-enactments.

    Meanwhile, attendees at the performance begin a series of dis-robements. All in all, a swell time was had by everybody!

  11. Although Elmer appreciated the ‘head pats and rubs’ for a job well-done, he was distraught over his few remaining cranium hairs, and hoped for the occasional ‘good boy!’ instead.

  12. While fully-intending to focus on the task at-hand, Elmer was again distracted by those infernal rectal insects nesting by the thousands in his bloomers. Based on other experiences with ‘the ladies’, he realized ‘vigorous scratching’ during intimate moments tended to ‘kill the mood’.

    And yet, for her part == and hoping for a ‘happy ending’ == Bronwyn pretended to not notice.

  13. “Oh you beast of a man! How dare you touch me in this way? A little to the left, please…”

  14. Pero [getting a bit hot and bothered]: Cimon, is there anything else I can do for you, I mean *anything*?
    Cimon: You could get me some cookies.

  15. In a bid to deflect recent criticism over it’s ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ book readings for children, the Houston Public Library has replaced the program with ‘Classics for Kids Performance Art.’ This week is ‘Rubens Week, and children of any gender will be able to be tied up and suckle the man with big breasts in the dress. Parental consent not required.

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