Been There, Done That

Via Insty, I saw this rubbish about something called a “Sex Bucket List”.  After looking at the activities enumerated, I can safely show my own sex bucket list as follows:

Kim’s Sex Bucket List


That’s the (somewhat dubious) advantage of having come of age in the early 1970s and having played in a rock band during that era:  I’ve tried pretty much everything (certainly all the things listed in the article), and what’s left that I haven’t tried, I have no interest in trying because pain and / or illegal.

I’m not interested in sharing any more about myself — even the above makes me queasy — but there is a generality I can share, based on my own experience and that of most of my peers:  not much beats the old Missionary Position, in a bed, with someone you love.


  1. At this point in my life, my list consists of

    1. More.
    2. OK, that’s enough.
    3. How about some breakfast?

  2. At this point in my life my list consists of:-

    1. Nope
    2. THAT is the EXIT to a one way street.
    3. Don’t point that thing at me
    4. Make your own chuffing breakfast

    Oh and a bonus point for if at this point in your life, it feels more like a bucket than a list 🙂

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