My favorite ex-diplomat got all shooty (which he can do with impunity since he fled Moscow West for the wilds of NC) and the results can be found here (for .45 ACP goodness and a very  pretty lil’ gun), and here (for some AK vs. AR action with the DiploSon).

The results of the latter competition are completely predictable.

Also, if you’re finished with the gunny stuff, his regular (i.e. political) observations are, as always, right in the X-ring.

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  1. Great discussion about the .45 1911 which in the Defender is my main carry piece and talking about defense shooting distances, ten feet and under. I used to have an FBI agent for a neighbor when I lived in Oklahoma City years ago and he told me that most gun fights involved three rounds, they were under ten feet distance and lasted just three or four seconds, and I just read that again.

    When I was a kid watching TV shows where cops and cowboys were holding guns on bad guys who would then knock the gun away and start a fight the the good guy won my dear old dad who served during WWII in the Army would make the remark that the good guys were idiots. He told me that you never hold a gun on someone you are not willing to shoot and never let them close in on you, the purpose of the gun is to shoot and kill so you don’t have to use your hands for defense. A nice small .45, the right tool for the right job.

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