Big Surprise

So one rancid Commie (Jewish) bitch femsplains how another rancid Commie (Muslim) bitch just hasn’t had a chance to “find out about American values” — despite the latter bitch having been in the country for TWENTY FUCKING YEARS.  (Your Humble Narrator — also an immigrant — had been in the country for about twenty minutes  before he got the picture.  The only thing that puzzled him, and still does, is how any rancid Commies get elected to public office at all, but we can talk about that some other time.)

For the record, I will have been in the United States for thirty-two years come Memorial Day weekend.  Other than the accent (which I have been unable to master), I’m about as American as any, and more so than a large number (e.g. the entire Democrat Congressional membership).

Folks, this isn’t difficult.  When you move to another country, your duty is to adopt the ethos of the country in which you live.  You don’t try to make your new country conform to your precepts.  Once again, had I done that, I’d have been preaching apartheid as a valid political system for the U.S. (don’t go there).

The only parts of “American values” which I have been quite unable to understand, let alone conform to, are things like Velveeta, “lite” beer, “fast” foods and why it’s against the law to hang Socialists from lamp posts.  That the disgusting Ilhan Omar can get elected despite all her manifest failings is part and parcel of the American tradition of political toleration, I suppose;  but my calling her a rancid Commie bitch is likewise part and parcel of the American tradition of free speech.  So there.


  1. Minnesota, it’s Minnesota a goofy state that elects all sort of strange people and I would like to remind folks that the ethnic background of Minnesota before all the Muslims came in was primarily German with a lot of Scandinavians, prior to WWII they kind of admired the leader of Germany and his organizational abilities. After the War started of course they got on board with the rest of the US but they were alway populist and still are with their Democratic Farmer Labor party. They tend to vote all over the place, often out of sync with the rest of the country with Farm Labor, Republican, Independent Republican and the most excellent Reform Independence candidate Jesse Ventura and that’s how you get Commies in office now. I think the cold freezes brain cells.

    At this time, today, they have taken in a whole bunch of Muslims to join their beer, schnapps drinking, ice fishing, “We are better than people in Iowa”, culture and they vote even more funny people into office, I no idea how that fits together but I know I am glad that in the 19080s after living up there for three years, one day I sold my snow blower put my house up for sale and moved to Texas.

  2. “don’t go there”

    *cough* You don’t find it a bit…educational…when they self-identify?

  3. Kinda funny how she defends a woman who would put her in a gas chamber and who defends the killing of her coreligionists.

    I would like to take issue with *one* word in your essay above. You say “When you move to another country, your….” I think that should read “When you emigrate to another country, your….” The difference being intent. When I moved to Australia I had no intention of staying, no intention of becoming a citizen, or even permanent resident. In a few years I may go to Singapore and/or the Netherlands, and the same thing will hold true there–I will be a resident for a while, depending on how we I/we are enjoying ourselves, but we would not neither adopt their ethos, nor expect them to adopt ours.

  4. Omar is not “culturally blind”, especially having been in the USA more than twenty years.
    She is a militant muzzie, spewing thousand year old hate from a culture that needs a Reformation or an annihilation.
    She’s also an ingrate, seemingly wanting to bring Somalia to the USA. If I were King For A Month, I’d ship her ass back to Somalia.
    In a box.

  5. If all this nonsense does not make clear the failed system I don’t know what will.
    You’ve got losers voting losers into positions of power.
    Is there some good in there that I am just too stupid to see?

    While you can argue the “intent” of the constitution is good, where it is lacking is in the recourse to any infringements of it’s outline. There is no built-in penalty for those that violate it. No wonder it is now little more than a door mat.

  6. Two things:
    First she complained about religious Jews having a dual loyalty to the United States and to Israel. As a Muslim her only allegiance is to the umma.
    Second she is an ungrateful wretch. Hardly any child on the planet won the lottery more than she did considering where she started and where she is now. The only remotely comparable case of my personal knowledge involves a girl adopted from a Chinese orphanage by a New York billionaire and his trophy wife

  7. Don’t worry, Kim. I’ve got ancestors who fought in the Continental Army, and I can’t stomach lite beer…and prefer a razor-sharp Cheddar to any American cheese-like byproduct.

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