Carry Nation

Nah, not the foul old bat who went around smashing up bars in the early 20th century.

I’m talking about my handgun carry options, which are as pictured below.  First, the 1911 and High Power, both in their Don Hume IWB (inside-waistband) holsters:

Each has two spare holsters in re-purposed flip-phone webbing pouches:  the .45 ACP 1911 has Chip McCormick 8-round Powermags (for a total of 24 rounds) and the 9mm High Power has Pro-Mag 12-rounders (36 rounds total).

My backup is of course a .38 Spec S&W 637 Airweight in a Milt Rosen “Clamshell”, with a single 5-round speedloader (not pictured) —  and if I need more than ten rounds in my backup  piece, I’m probably in deeper trouble than I can handle.

Let’s just say I like options in my carry pieces.  Good options.

The last itch I have is for a decent .357 revolver option, so if anyone has an old S&W Model 65 in good working condition… I’d prefer a Python, but I have no money for that.  Does anyone, these days?


  1. I’d recommend a six-series Ruger, which can still be had for a good price. A Service-Six is comparable to a 65 Smith.

  2. > The last itch I have is

    Funny thing about itches. As soon as one gets scratched another one acts up.

  3. I fondled and got to shoot a Python. In the end, I told my friend that even though he was offering it to me at a giveaway price, he should sell it for full value. I bought a used Ruger GP-100 and am very happy with it. If you’re interested in a .357, the GP-100 is a solid gun at a good price.

  4. She kinda looks like my Grandma, but Grampy was an iceman in New York, delivering ice to chill chests up and down stairways fourteen hours a day, and he loved his whisky. Grandma knew never to interfere.

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