Too Many Words, Mozart

My dear friend Sarah spends way too much time, devotes way too much empathy and writes far too many words talking about 0.0005% of the population.

There is a similarly-sized percentage of the population who consider voluntary amputation of limbs as a worthwhile life choice, but (so far) this bunch of sad people hasn’t been elevated by progressives and their media lickspittles to a topic for national debate and enforced social accommodation.

Me, I’m sick of hearing about how “transitioning” people get offended when people either don’t recognize their “status” or (like me) refuse to give them the recognition and “caring” that they demand by, for example, using nonsensical pronouns (xir? xey? xooey?  they sound like 50s comic book sound effects) in describing or addressing them.

As far as I’m concerned, this whole “trans” bunch may be a group worthy of sympathy/empathy, or alternatively a collection of pathetic, dysfunctional people;  but  either way, as a percentage of the populace they fall so far down the bell curve numerically that there’s no point in talking or even thinking about them.  We have better things to do with our time.

And I too have spent way too much time on this particular topic, so now it’s back to guns.


  1. “…pathetic, dysfunctional people…”

    That. srsly
    They are brain damaged and should be examined by professionals and incarcerated from harming others. 40 years ago people like that would have been “cured” by the private sector if they even had the temerity to make themselves known. The entities that encourage these brain damaged people should be dragged.

  2. Which is why I gave up reading anything by Sarah Hoyt a couple of years ago. She constantly uses 2-3000 words when 500 will do. After a while it gets tiresome.

    Funniest was her 6 part series on pjmedia on how to write a short story. 6 parts! Another author saw it and wrote 6 bullet points. He gave better advice than she did.


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