Dumping The Spouse

Here’s a little bit of cheery goodness for you.  In the Ultra-Self-Centered Wing of the Museum of Solipsism, you may find this:

One in ten women admit they would DUMP their partner in return for more free hours in the day — as most confess they need an extra 82 minutes every day
2,000 American women aged 18 and over took part in the study, which looked at their average daily routines
The average woman said she needs an extra 82 minutes a day to accomplish everything she wants to get done
If they had more free time, 36% said they would use it to read, and 29% would use it to work out
Over 30% said they have less than 30 minutes to themselves each day
Due to lack of time, half of those surveyed have given up hobbies
22% would use their time to learn a new skill like knitting or photography

How precious.  Momma wants more time to improve herself, even after admitting to this:

30 per cent of women would give up social media and TV for more free time

Here’s an alternative statistic for you.  If women weren’t so stupidly obsessed with social media bullshit and their appearance, 100% of men wouldn’t leave them.

Or something like that.



  1. Perhaps what she needs is the time she loses because Mr. Lazy Ass doesn’t help. A selfish partner is a time suck, let alone all the other negatives they bring to the relationship.

  2. So since when is TV and social media time not free time? Maybe turn off the phone and TV and pick up those hobbies?

  3. 30 per cent of women would give up social media and TV for more free time

    Do they know that this one is something you can just do? It literally requires no effort. All you do is NOT turn the stuff on. A baby can NOT turn on the TV. My DOG is able to NOT go on TumbleTwitBook for hours every day. Surely a strong, independent woman can do the same.

  4. Life is boring without men. These women should shut the ef-up and learn to enjoy life and men.

  5. I want to know what percentage of women would have more free time if they did not depilitate their groins.

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