Bite Me

I hit a link at some website, and encountered this:

Simple response:  Never mind “No thanks” — it’s “fuck off and die” , because I don’t pay for bullshit.  I last went to the National Review Online website independently (as opposed to following a link) back in, I think, 2009 (before they fired the brilliant John Derbyshire).  They’re a bunch of pantywaist wannabe-conservative NeverTrumpers, and with the possible exception of the late Charles Krauthammer, I wouldn’t shake hands with any of them if I were being paid to do so.  William F. Buckley would have thrown the lot of them out in the 1970s, when NR was a magazine worth reading.  At least the magazine had a little edge when Ann Coulter and John Derbyshire were staff writers, but with their firings, NRO soon turned into a soggy vanilla pudding laced with diarrhea.

The poxy fucking rag needs to fold up its tents and disappear, and the sooner the better.


  1. The one that grinds my gears is the one that pops up asking for my email address.
    More and more I just click the X, close the tab, and move on. When I’m feeling especially froggy I’ll type in [email protected]

    1. Ditto’s to that. If it isn’t free (with no self-identifying box) for me to peruse then it isn’t worth reading.

  2. NR shows its true colors more every day.

    Nicholas Frankovich put on his CNN kneepads and then piled on to the young men from Covington Catholic High School. Rich Lowry pulled the disgusting piece but then the two of them issued a non-apology apology. Instead of channeling Kirstie Alley’s immortal words of remorse from Cheers (“I am too stupid to live”) Frankovich doubled down:

    “Early Sunday morning, I posted a “strongly worded” (Rich Lowry’s description) condemnation of the conduct, seen far and wide on video, of a group of high-school students at the conclusion of the March for Life on Friday afternoon. I was preachy and rhetorically excessive, and I regret it. The overheated post I wrote has been taken down. Let this apology stand in its stead, both here on the Corner and in the memory of readers who justifiably objected to my high-handedness.”

    More at Ace of Spades who shows us what NR put down the memory hole. Unsurprisingly, Jonah Goldberg and Jay Nordlinger joined in the virtue signaling mob. Ben Shapiro, too. As of the time of this comment, I don’t think one of them has issued a genuine apology.

    It’s getting so that being on NR’s list of authors is a warning label: Pusullanimity Inside. I’m beginning to wonder about Andrew McCarthy.

  3. Kim, you’ve got to stop holding back! Keeping your true feelings in will ruin your health.

  4. You should use a VPN. I almost never run into this because every time I turn on my computer, I have a different ip address as far as the world is concerned, so I’m alway on the “first” article each day. One might think that if my vpn provider only had a couple of ip addresses it used, then the combined usage of all folk who use that ip address would result in everywhere being “used up” with respect to free articles. But that hasn’t happened.

    1. I don’t think most check IP addresses, as so many are shared. I think they leave cookies on the computer. The way around that is to open a private or incognito window to go to those type of sites.

      I also use a vpn for security and region relocation.

      EDIT: I see CW DXer already mentioned this work around.

  5. VDH has been a long time favorite. It’ll be a shame when his CA farm is gone.

    Charles C. W. Cooke is the editor, and his writings have caught my attention. Worth perusing.

    The others…meh. Oh yeah, and Derbyshire…reminds me of Kim….speaks his mind like a true Brit.

  6. There’s an even easier way to do this. Whenever you find a link that ends up at a paywall after x free articles per month, right-click the link and say “open link in an incognito window” or whatever your particular flavor of browser calls it (I think Firefox calls it “private window”). It’s never failed for me.

  7. Yeah, dead tree trying to squeeze the last dime they will ever get. Too bad, so sad. Kind of like buggy whips.

  8. And Google is doing it’s part…… to screw you. They’ve announced that they are going to implement an adblocker as part of their browser….. in such a fashion as to render all other adblockers useless. They will also no longer allow ad blockers to be distributed in the Apps Store.

    Don’t be evil my Aunt Sally’s Ass.

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