1. I will never understand how a person could give up meat. Momma must have dropped them on their head. Over and over and over ….

    1. I figure veganism is a mental disorder, after all one would have to be crazy not to want a nice thick juicy steak.

  2. Hard to tell from the picture, but in the upper-left I *do* hope that’s a decent sized brisket. Personally I’d rather eat a pound of brisket (fatty “point” side, please) than a 16 oz steak about 75% of the time, given the choice.

  3. I wanna party with this dude!
    The fire production device seems too small.
    Never seen a sausage like that before, but I sure would like to try it out.

  4. I’m curious, Kim–with all these purine-rich foods and drink, how do you avoid more gout attacks?

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