From Britishland, (a.k.a. Vegan Nation):

Fish and chips are set to go vegan as Quorn launches an alternative made with protein derived from fungus – to help create a similar flaky texture.
The meat-free brand is set to release breaded and battered fishless fillets in March, both of which took five years to produce.
It comes just two weeks after Greggs launched a vegan sausage roll, and days after Harvester announced a new plant-based menu.

Thanks but no thanks… I’ll be sticking with cod.

And don’t get me started about vegan sausage rolls.


  1. I’m certainly no vegetarian, but I have, on occasion, partaken of vegetarian food. Some of it has been quite good. It’s best, in my opinion, when those preparing it simply try to make it taste good as what it is, rather than trying to make it look, feel, and taste like meat.

  2. I never understand this vegan/vegetarian obsession with making their food taste like meat.

    “Meat is murder! … Can you make my food exactly like tasty, tasty murder?”

    It’s like if I said, “Eating babies is wrong. But they’re so delicious. Please make this strip steak look and taste exactly like a 3-month old baby. That’s when the marbling and tenderness peaks.”

  3. Another unintentionally hilarious news story to me, since many dystopian fictions feature mycoprotein (fungus) as a common food source.

    Where is my direct neural interface, kthx?

  4. Crap, I love to eat fungus, I can make the best sautéed mushrooms in butter to put on steaks along with onions a choice vegetable, why not let fungus (mushrooms) just taste like properly cooked fungus.

  5. I can’t attest to the veracity of this claim, but generally… Plants manufacture food from raw materials with sunlight as an energy source. Some animals eat plants, some animals eat other animals. Well, some fungi eat plants. Some fungi eat animals. There is a fungi, called a “dog barf fungus” that crawls around and eats whatever bacteria it encounters. It is mobile and moves through it’s environment. Sounds like we are closer to fungi than to plants on the tree of life. Maybe it would make a great premise for a horror film. Vegan flambe!

  6. War on the Western civilization
    War on Christianity
    War on Men
    Now we’re on “war on meat”

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