Veganuary Report: Week 1

In honor of Veganuary, I will be posting my daily food intake each Saturday evening for the rest of the month.

Jan 1:  Bacon & scrambled eggs (breakfast), leg of lamb, asparagus & sweet potato (dinner)

Jan 2:  Boerewors & egg (breakfast), pastrami sandwich & cole slaw (dinner), beef biltong snack

Jan 3:  Boerewors & egg (breakfast), BBQ pulled pork & cole slaw (dinner)

Jan 4:  Boerewors & egg (breakfast), fish (cod) & chips (dinner)

Jan 5:  Bacon & scrambled eggs (breakfast), ham sandwich (lunch), beef bourguignon (scheduled for a late dinner tonight)   lobster bisque, pork chop, mash potatoes and veg (dinner).

In case you’re wondering, I eat a VERY early breakfast on weekdays because I’m up at 4am for Uber duty, and it’s just easier to warm up a piece of sausage to eat in the car.  I always have at least half a dozen hard-boiled eggs in the fridge both for breakfast and as an occasional salad component.

All non-vegan suggestions are welcome in Comments.  Vegan commentary can fuck off.


  1. Saturday: 2 eggs sunny side up, half a can of beans in tomato sauce, toast, mushrooms, sweet red and/or yellow peppers, onion slices, potatoes, pork sausages, bacon, ham, blutwurst and a small piece of beef tenderloin, all fried up in a gigantic cast iron pan my mother left me with a mix of butter, lard and olive oil.

    And yes, the toast is fried too, damn the cholesterol, full speed ahead.

    I eat it about 2PM on Saturdays with a half bottle of a nice dry red wine, usually Spanish. When my mother in law is visiting I add an extra amount of ingredients and she steals more sausages than she originally asked for. Perfidious woman.

    Then I have a long nap, and that’s all I eat until Sunday dinner.

    My wife eats oatmeal and sneers. The rest of the week I eat oatmeal too. Blood pressure. Bah.

  2. Keep up the good work. I should do as well.
    Monday-Friday breakfast isn’t usually worth writing home about. Occasionally though I luck out and have Choripan – Argentine-style sausage on a small baguette-type bread with a pesto like topping.
    Come one or both weekend mornings breakfast-lunch is combined. Then it’s Argentine or Colombian style chorizo (almost a brat), morcilla (blutwurst?) and Tacu-Tacu – leftover beans & rice mixed together. Sometimes, sliced leftover steak is combined with the beans & rice. If available, a plain or chicken tamale garnished with red onion relish rounds out the meal.

  3. Might I suggest if you come upon a road block at the butcher’s counter, swing by the deli and pick up a nice two-foot long three or four pound stick of dried sausage, go back, and apply to the most sensitive area(s) of said blockaders?

  4. I forgetted this on an earlier visit – %$#*& Alts kicked in.
    Anywho, in the spirit of “if one doesn’t stir it, it doesn’t stink”, I offer the following. So sports fans, just what remains sacred?

    3 October 2018
    ‘There’s no fish in our fish’: Chippie owner opens London’s first vegan fish and chip shop where even the deep fat fryers are meat and dairy free
    Daniel Sutton has opened London’s first vegan fish and chip shop in Hackney
    He uses banana blossom, seaweed and samphire to replicated the taste of fish
    The fish is then covered in flour before dipped in batter and then deep fried
    The restaurant also offers a range of vegan burgers, sausages and even pies

    1. On one hand, I’m very much of the ‘You do you’ school. If he can figure out a way to sell this… concoction, and make a profit, so be it.

      That being said, so many vegans are obnoxious preachy assholes, I don’t see this going very far.

    2. I live very close to The People’s Republic of Hackney and there is no chance of me going anywhere near as it might be infectious.

  5. Dang Kim you’re sneaking up pretty hard on ketogenesis. Keep up the saturated good work. That “fad” way of eating has knocked forty pounds off me in four months and my BP is 117/68. Feeling stellar as well. Check out Dr. Tim Noakes who is a righteously persecuted South African who battled the academic nutrition mafia there, and won.

  6. I had to look up what boerewors was…

    My problem is not only do I like to eat, but I’ve developed a bit of a mild addiction to spicy foods and hot sauces. So not only do I like the pork, but I’m prone to anointing it in something that might eat a hole in the upholstery!

    (Incidentially, I recommend Heatonist ( if you’re looking for hot sauces. Good delivery times and excellent products ranging from mild to really hot.)

  7. Your style, as ever, impresses.

    Try gravelax – salmon pickled with dill. Gorgeous with scrambled eggs and also in sandwiches.

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