Me Too

From the Knuckledragger:

Wow.  Only one load of .45 ACP from the Chip McCormick PowerMag in my 1911.  (Can’t see it taking more than one round each;  hell, the muzzle flash alone  would probably drop half of them.)  And assuming that I’d qualify as a “Nazi” to them, of course.

They’re going to have to do a lot  better than that…


  1. 45? I’m thinking airsoft with plastic BBs. That way you can pop them multiple times and hear them squeal with pain over and over as they run in circles shrieking.

  2. Kim, well duh, go around to the end of the line and shoot lengthwise. You’ll have plenty of ammo then.

  3. Don’t overlook Mamma’s rules for the dinner table.

    Everybody gets served once before anybody gets seconds.

  4. Wow. So these people are about ten miles from me.

    Get in line, y’all. I’m going to stroll over to Edina wearing my MAGA hat.

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