1. Gee, potential candidates and unknown table size; decisions-decisions! I’m on for it if Durban and Schiff are included. With four I could hurl “To the Winds”.

  1. Small quibble here.. I went through basic in the early 80s, when they still taught the basic care and feeding of the claymore mine. I don’t recall ever seeing one that did not have the “this side towards enemy” moniker. So one without it, would probably be something of a rare find, increasing its value immensely. That being said, my contribution is as follows:
    1. A Mosin with non-matching serial numbers (for an OCD friend)
    2. Al Gore’s released “charkra”
    3. Clinton era genuine white house cigars
    4. Any item from the “Michelle O” midnight dreams lingerie collection (shudder)

  2. 1. Naked pictures of my mother-in-law.
    2. Naked pictures of my wife’s mother-in-law.
    3. Anything with the words ‘Kel-Tec’ stamped in it.
    4. A cat.
    5. Tie: a fruit cake / a brick.

    I’ll throw in another for lagniappe:

    5A. The Hillary Clinton Stair-Climber Machine.

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