National Ammo Day

You know what to do…

Let’s make Baby Vulcan happy and simultaneously enrage the gun-control fuckwits by purchasing a shitload of ammo, not just on this High Holy Day of the Second Amendment, but any day you damn well feel like it.  Ammo prices are reasonable at the moment, so do some forward buying against the day when some politician like Barack Bastard Obama gets into power and drives prices up again.

And just remember:  National Ammo Day’s big brother, Buy A Gun (BAG) Day (April 15) is just around the corner, so start saving now.  (Of course I’m not saying that you should wait till then to buy a gun, especially if that sweet little Colt Diamondback suddenly becomes available, but you get my drift.)

If you want to buy ammo online (sorry California, Massachusetts and Cook County, IL) and you’re unsure where to get it, here’s a short (and by no means comprehensive) list of good places to do it:
Ammo Man
Ammunition Depot
Buds Gun Shop
Bulk Ammo
Cheaper Than Dirt
Georgia Arms
Graf & Sons
J&G Sales
Lucky Gunner
Natchez Shooters Supply
Sportsman’s Guide
Sportsman’s Warehouse
Surplus Ammo

If you have a favorite ammo dealer not on the above list, feel free to add the link thereto in Comments — but get that ammo in.  Do it now, if you haven’t already done it.


  1. Federal’s rebates on their “Black Packs” are pretty great – Palmetto State is combined the rebates with discounts and free shipping. I have 1K Blazer Brass 9mm on the way for $140 after rebate…I can barely beat that reloading…if I work for free. $0.025 a round for 22 LR, $0.23 a round for 223.

  2. Sign up for email with Midway and Brownells. They routinely have ammo sales that can be combined with promo codes for free shipping.

    1. I second You may find something cheaper somewhere else, but if you’re buying a bit of this and a bit of that, the aggregate price will be better than the same aggregate anywhere else. I’ve quit looking anywhere else.

      Plus, before he got so busy, he used to come to the gunshows in my town. Sam is a genuinely nice guy.

      1. SGAmmo is also one of the places that will ship to crook county ill-annoy, the midwest’s primary shithole. Along with Midway USA. It is legal but most of the vendors were scared off by threats of lawsuits from the previous crooked AG.

        Ive been ordering from both. I do think the shithole city of chicago is still verboten.

  3. I know I’m a bit early for BAG day but I just purchased an old carbine and (the point of all this) was trying to set up payment with a seller halfway cross the country.
    I was stunned to learn that PayPal no longer will transfer money from buyer to seller in any transaction that concerns guns, parts, or ammunition.
    My wish for PayPal is eternal residence in any of the six latter bolgias of the Malebolge.

    1. Paypal has been that way for a long time. I think it happened around the time ebay (which owned PayPal) backstabbed all the legal firearm and accessory sellers and buyers.

      Gifts. Call them gifts.

      1. IIRC, if the business has a name that indicates they deal in guns in any fashion, PayPal will not allow it. If a gun industry business is smart, they will have their legal name be some sort of innocuous generic “xyz associates, inc” sort, with their “Boomin’ Shooters Emporium” as a dba type. Need to be the grey man in some ways, nowadays.

  4. I’ve been buying steadily since last year so I couldn’t make a grand purchase.
    But a little over 1K rounds misc from Friday through Monday.

  5. I did my part — 500 rounds of 9mm over the last ten days or so. I also bought a 32-round stick mag for my Ruger carbine, because Gov-elect JB Pritzker can suck it. I’m thinking I should get another, maybe two. JB, Mike Madigan, Kwame Raoul, Julie Morrison, Brad Schneider, Dick Durbin, Tammy Duckworth, Harriett Rosenthal – are you and/or your minions listening?? BFYTW !!!

  6. November 20th, and the aftermath.

    Thanks to Kim and the list of retailers he provided, I now have my “hundred rounds” on the way and another fine supplier to do business with.

    Props to all who participated in this year’s display of 2nd Amendment Freedom! Oh, and a reminder: National Gun Day is April 15th.

  7. I’ve seen some online pics of stacks of crates of 5.56 and russki ammo received by various folks who ordered last Friday. It is inspirational. I wish I could afford to be a source of such inspiration!

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