1. You’ll have to send that 6.5cm gun by ship for your next English hunt adventure. Plan well ahead of your departure.

  2. As said… 6.5 Creedmoor.

    Meme cartridge? Quite possibly, but it’s a blast to shoot, especially if you have access to a decent range.

    That said, fuck Savage, and every other Vista brand.

  3. Hey, what’s up with that ad? I got the same one in my email and it said it was exclusively recommended for Jack. Shit, now everybody is getting it.

  4. The illustration is of a 42 centimeter kurze Marinekanone L/12, or Gamma-Gerät and Gamma Mörser made by Krupp. Ten were built and one was used in WW2 to attack the Maginot Line and Sevastopol.

    Dan Kurt

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