About Those “Bombs”…

So a whole bunch of Leftist scumbags (these and these) are getting suspicious packages in the mail — said packages containing pipe bombs that aren’t really bombs, and envelopes containing white powder which turns out to be talc.

I’m going to say it right now:  the packages are not being sent by MAGA types or even nutjobs from the alt-Right;  they’re being sent by some Lefty or  a group of Lefties who are trying a Hail-Mary pass to somehow forestall the spanking that the Left are going to get in the polls next month.

It’s a desperation move by the ultra-Left, nothing more or less.


  1. Others have pointed out that all of the recipients were Hillary supporters, and most were involved in stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

    Wanna bet it’s a Bernie Bro?

  2. Still, they have a better chance of being executed by pipe bomb than I have of winning one *billion* dollars in the Alan Parsons Project Lottery.

    And again reading comprehension fails. School doesn’t make you smart, you have to be smart enough to be in school.

    Rhetorical question: anyone else feel like it’s crazytown?

  3. This movie-prop bomb is so wrong and kind of stupid in many ways. I am thinking that the person who made these things is connected to Hillary’s inside support staff and probably did this stuff without direction from above because these make-believe props are so crappy,… Jr. High School, practical joke, crappy. Having said that, if I were to receive something like that in the mail it would scare me, I would be out the door and on the phone to the cops the second I opened the package.

    It is only after the fact that we are finding out that these props are made of CVC plastic pipe and fittings, wrapped with black tape, filled with not explosive, last I heard was sulfur with broken glass and wires running from a cheap digital clock and no battery with enough power to set off anything. I also surmise that these Not-Bomb things were cobbled together at the last minute so it would be great if some underling turns up with a Home Depot charge card purchase of pipe, fittings, tape and wire (don’t know if they would have the clock so maybe a second purchase for the clocks), Would the builder be smart enough to always wear gloves and work in some sort of a clean room? If not I think fingerprints will lead to a staff person with a security clearance and that would be great.

  4. I am hopeful that this is the case but not certain. There are a small percentage of serious nut jobs who nonetheless despise the demos despite being their moral and intellectual kin. But I wouldn’t be surprised if its tied to one of Soros’ menagerie of lunatic groups.

    I am fairly certain that even if evidence is found to tie it to a leftist, or lefty insider, that every effort will be made to prevent that info from being release prior to the election.

  5. As mentioned at many other places, the first sign that it’s a bomb from our side is the loud boom.

    Bombs that don’t go boom are not from us.

    Also note, many people (including my wife) hear the news, shrug their shoulders, and say “too bad it didn’t go boom”. If my wife is saying that, no amount of stupid propaganda is going sway her away from a hard right position. This ain’t looking good for their side.

    1. Note that it took 20 years of marriage to me before she would go to the gun range. Now she carries daily. And women like her have no tolerance for stupid nonsense. So the dems are in trouble now.

  6. False flag is how I read it, too. For all the talk about resisting tyranny, Conservatives are a pretty pacific lot. Far more inclined to grit our teeth and focus on the next election. Liberals, on the other hand, have a very long history of political violence…and a more recent track record of faked scandals.

    1. That’s because their political platform sucks. So if they can’t bullshit you into voting for them, they try to bully and intimidate you into it.

  7. Am I sure that this is a false flag operation? No. Do I acknowledge the possibility that it is? Absolutely. Everything about this is just a bit too perfect. Ask yourself, “If operatives acting on behalf of Democrats wanted to stage a false flag operation of this type, would they do anything different?” I think it would look much like this if not exactly this. Proof? No, but it is a supporting argument.

    There is, however, a very cogent argument against this being false flag. If it were, whoever is doing it would have to know that the full investigative power of multiple law enforcement agencies at multiple levels would be brought to bear and these people are very good at their jobs. To think they could get away with it, they would have to be extremely confident of their ability to hide the truth. It’s possible; they could have done a really good job of covering their tracks, and/or have a patsy set up to take the fall, but it’s by no means a sure thing.

    1. You mean like an indeterminate minority who moved from NY to FL, and then registered as a Republican after Hillary & Co. stole the primary from Bernie?
      No, this was a straight up MAGA Ops directed from the top of Trump Tower./s

  8. This suspect will not be blamed for anything since he is one of the approved victim groups. As always the responsibility allergy of the left will be in force, false flag oppo or not.

  9. Pretty serious Trumper, and not within touching distance of reality either. This one sounds like he’s been unwell for a while.

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