If ever we need to be reminded that today’s (so-called) young men are a bunch of whiny twerps, here’s additional proof (and carries an extreme barf warning). One example should suffice:

And out of all the “Best Of Bread” memes in the article, only one guy seems to have a little spunk:

But as for the rest?  Sheesh;  it is, as they say, to puke.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the range before I start growing breasts.


  1. They guy talking about teaching himself to be a man instead of being raised by one better be careful. He was obviously raised by a single mother who could have taught him to be a man better than any mere man could.

    The guy who said the women were talking to the wrong guys had a point of sorts, they’re ALL spending time with the wrong types of women

  2. Related to the subject, I thought they would have learned this while growing up, and being taught by their parents, but no, they have classes in how to be an Adult. Things like: cooking, washing clothes, paying bills, etc are now the subjects of adult schooling. I wonder where our country is headed in the future.



  3. Some of these are whining, some sound more like men are people too and maybe treat them like people too; (AKA just because we do not wear our emotions on our sleeves does not me we do not have them.). It is a common side effect with some women from popular culture acting like running men down all the time is what women should do.

    However, it is a waste of time, if a gal acts like that, she isn’t going to change. Move on dude.

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