1. I suspect old Bill knew exactly what he was doing when he hooked up with her, and it worked to his advantage. A feministical harpy like Hillary has the perfect shield whenever various accusation come up.

    And it helped Hillary quite a bit. Without Bill, she would be another bitter Womyns Studies prof in some obscure college. Plus, Bill helps her get chicks.

  2. Okay, I’ve got my coffee, I’ll give it a shot.
    Pic #1: How many times has ol’ Bill seen that exact same look after he’s been out horn-doggin’.
    Pic #2: The look you see just before she bites your neck.
    Pic #3: Didn’t the Wicked Witch have that same look when she couldn’t get the Ruby Slippers?
    Pic #4: The look she gets when ol’ Bill drops his shorts, just before she points and laughs.
    Pic #5: One of Bill’s first horn-doggin’ conquests.

  3. When they were young friends told Bill, She Sucks, and not paying close attention he thought they meant she goes down, once married it was too late. Even in his 20’s Bill knew he did not want to cross her because, death.

  4. Pic 2…..favs beans and a little Chianti
    Pic 4……yes I suck but no one said I gotta swallow.

    1. What are the odds that her Nibs was inspiration for the Rhoda character in the mid-fifties flic “The Bad Seed”? Some wonder that a flash-forward sequel of “Seed”/”Damian” with an HRC-type character hasn’t been scripted.
      Man, the thoughts engendered by day old anchovy-blue cheese pizza washed down with warm ayahuasca….

  5. GOOD-GOOGA-MOOGA! Thinking beyond the obvious, one has to think she was the acceptance piece in Bill’s Faustian deal. Given the choice, no wonder Portnoy chose liver for dinner and a date.

  6. Bill didn’t pick her. She picked him. Then he did exactly what she told him to do, at least in public.

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