Oh, Great

Apparently Mexico has elected a Commie rat bastard [some redundancy]  to be their next El Presidente.  How nice.  As if we don’t have enough of them ourselves in Congress, California, New York, Austin, Berkeley etc., now we’re going to be dealing with imports as well?

Needless to say, other Commies from all over are racing to offer their congratulations to Comrade Obrador.  (I love the fact that BritCommie Jeremy “Shitbreath” Corbyn has hailed Obrador’s election as a “new beginning” for Mexico.  Given Communism’s track record, it would be more accurate to call it the “beginning of the end” for Mexico.)

Oh well.  Now we really need to build a wall (e.g. as it was in Cold War Germany, with machine-gun towers and minefields) to keep the desperate Commies from flooding over the Rio Grande in even greater numbers (see:  Venezuelan refugees streaming into Colombia and Brazil).  If you thought the illegal Mexican border-jumpers were desperate before, just wait till Obrador’s policies force Mexico even deeper into the shit than they are already.

I also love the fact that the dear comrade’s campaign was positioned as “anti-corruption”, when we all know that under every Communist regime ever installed, all the guys at the top get massively rich from… corruption.  Mexico will be no different.

If this wasn’t happening so close to our borders, I’d just order up (and eat) a megaton of popcorn while watching the place implode.  But ugh… the Mex/U.S. border is only a few hundred miles south of where I’m sitting, and this is not going to end well.

Maybe a moat, as well as machine gun towers and minefields…?  How say you, O My Readers?


  1. As I was mentioning to my wife, most communistic dictatorships have to build a wall to keep their citizens/subjects from fleeing. Mexico will be the first to actually try to get half their country to “emigrate” northward.

  2. I hope he drives Mexico right into the ground, and follows up on his threats to send Mexican and Central American illegals in an unarmed invasion north. Nothing could guarantee quicker that the border gets actual military garrisons along a real border wall, as well as guaranteeing the re-election of the President and the destruction of the Democrats as a viable political party.

    I hope the beaner does exactly that.

    1. unarmed? Since when are they unarmed?
      The poster children of the left maybe, a lot of them are armed and dangerous. Think MS13, drugs mules, human traffickers, etc. etc.

      1. Mostly unarmed for our purposes and for the maximum propaganda effect that our domestic enemies hope for, in the same way that the armed militants used Palestinians as bullet sponges to get some dead civilians to show on camera. I’m well aware that there are armed squad and platoon sized cartel units, which at some point, will light up a Border Patrol operation, which hopefully draws a declaration of a state of emergency, and full deployment of active duty combat arms. Think a reprise of the beginning of the Punitive Expedition of 1916 as a historical primer and legal precedent.

  3. Machine guns, minefields… just a start. I’d really like to se E-Verify implemented and enforced for ALL businesses not just ones holding gov’t contracts. If the jobs go away most illegals will self deport. Deny all benefits to illegals. Congress has to get off its ass before this country is ruined.

  4. Not to worry about the wall.

    Don’t forget, all the past walls were built by the commies to keep their people in.

    Anyway, the natural unruliness and disorderliness of the Mexican people, and their entirely understandable hatred of government, will soon put a bullet in all of Obrador’s plans. Even as we speak his allies and henchmen, and ordinary joses are planning how best to thwart those plans so as to enrich themselves.

    It’s just a new band of thieves.

  5. The Mexican Government provides maps and directions for pregnant women to ensure that they pop out their little anchor baby in the USA. I have no doubt they intend to keep that up, or even increase it, as Comrade Obrador’s plans continue to sink Mexico into Venezuela part Dos.

  6. If we’re going to start taxing remittances–and why not? It’s easy money at first–we should get serious about it. 40% minimum. It’s probably the easiest way to get a lot of people to self-deport.

  7. Given the conditions in Mexico today, it’s hard to imagine that the Socialists could do much worse.

    This is not an endorsement.

  8. Mexico’s former Foreign Minister, Jorge Castañeda Gutman, was seen on tv yesterday saying that Mexico shouldn’t have to suppress the drug trade anymore, that it was the United States’ problem, and that we should put the army on the border. Why, yes, that’s right, we should. I’d love to see that. Thanks, Señor Gutman, for the vote for sanity.

    This election might be the first known instance of campaigning on a platform which explicitly says, “Trump’s right, this place is a shithole. We need to move somewhere else.” Hold your heads high, Mexico, you will anyway despite the evidence.

  9. Time to implement my border control plan.

    500 yard no-go zone from the border into the united States.

    Patrol it with armed drones.

    Anything (and I mean ANYTHING) inside the zone from either side is immediately engaged.

    No posturing, no apologies and no cleanup. Yotes, buzzards and pigs gotta eat, too.

    Illegals controlled. Protesters controlled. Military gets to keep their drone pilots sharp.

    Win, win and win. MAGA

    1. The only armed drones we have with any kind of loiter time can only carry Hellfires or Paveways– coming in at $100k and $25k per button press. That would get REAL expensive real quick.

      However, we do have quite a few M1 Abrams sitting around not doing a whole lot. I for one would really, REALLY not want to try and poke my nose into anywhere they were looking to shoot at.

        1. If the Feds would pick up the ammo and rations, the Unorganized Militia would over-man the border.

  10. Wouldn’t it be simpler and cheaper to contract-out ICE’s screening functions to Kelly Services?

  11. And everybody knows that Mexicans (not U.S. citizens) are encouraged to vote in our elections in Washington state.
    When he’s finished his term as el Presidente, perhaps Obrador will run for the U.S. Senate from Washington state – couldn’t be any worse than what’s there now.

  12. I’ve thought long and hard about this over the years, and I believe I have a solution.

    So, both we and the Russians have THOUSANDS of nuclear warheads sitting around, waiting to be “safely” dismantled, right?

    Take those physics packages, and rework them so that the resulting explosion will be as “clean” as possible, then bury them about 10 miles inside Mexico in a line from coast to coast. Detonate them all underground, so as to contain the radiation. Then let the USAF use that area to practice carpet bombing to collapse the domes the nuclear explosions form, and flood it. Annex the land to the north of this new border, and saturate it with landmines.

    Boom (literally!)! No more unwanted immigration from Mexico.

    Yes, this is mostly a joke, but damned if it wouldn’t be awesome.

    1. Nuclear Civil Engineering was a serious idea at one point, and I think it’s an idea whose time has come!

      Screw the Panama Canal, we need the Border Canal! No locks, no fancy plumbing, just a mile-wide channel from the Gulf to the Pacific dug with nukes!

      1. Just as long as we make it wide and deep enough for two aircraft carriers to pass side-by-side.

    2. Fwiw, “reworking” thousands of warheads equals processing the fissile material and building an entirely new warhead from scratch. That would take something like 30 years with our current ability to crank them out. It would also cost quite a lot.

      Dumping a crapton of landmines form the air and/or building a wall is coffee change by comparison.

  13. Not sure why we would need old russian stuff that might not go boom. we have enough here for the job.

    I would also suggest staffing the moat with crocs or great whites. But a wide canal would be a good start.

    as to machine guns, not unless they are the gatling ones that can cut a car in two. as to mines, that works for me. mile wide moat followed by mile wide strip of mines and gataling guns for our side. who needs a wall and I am pretty sure we could do it out of existing inventory.

  14. The nifty part is that we get to declare war! Which means that all Mexican nationals in the U.S., legal or illegal, are Enemy Aliens who can be repatriated without further legal process. And any U.S. citizen who harbors them gets a nice Treason trial. With appropriate consequences.

    1. Mike, stop that. You just gave me a serious case of the Warm & Fuzzies.

        1. For all the world, in every appearance Don Jorge reminds me of the “Yo Quiero” Chihuahua.
          Best assignment for his skill level would be doing the weather in Waxahachie, Texas on alternate nights with old Texas hands Dan Rather and Bob Schieffer.

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