Printer Update

Unless anyone tells me a serious horror story, I think I’m going with this combo:

Simple, cheap, cheap-to-run, duplex and small footprint (remember, I’ll be in an apartment with limited counter space).  And I’m not into the Amazon replenishment thing, given that each toner cartridge will last me about a year, and by buying two, I’ll just buy a new one each time the first one runs out.

I’ll only be ordering it around the end of the month, so feel free to disapprove of / shoot down my choice.

And many thanks for all the advice.


  1. I have a Brother color printer. Works well and is cheaper to run than the competitors. Only complaint is that if I don’t use it for a while (months), I have to run the cleaning utility repeatedly to get it working properly.

  2. 1. With your small printing volume, you might want to wait to order toner cartridges, and order one at a time. I think you’ll be surprised how long they last. And there’s this trick you can do if it’s empty and you really need a few more pages…

    2. When I looked this up on Amazon, it showed me a price $20 higher. What’s up with that?

  3. Claudia is one of a long line of exquisitely beautiful Italian screen sirens ( I love that old term), Claudia, Gina Lollobrigida, Pier Angeli, Virna Lisi, Sophia of course, Anita Ekberg, Monica Vitti, etc. It’s quite a lengthy list.

  4. re: Printer

    My home printer is a laser one that I bought in 2006, the Brother HL-1440. It keeps chugging along. Note: toner and drum are separate and one gets to use multiple toners for every drum needed. Also have a color Brother ink jet Multifunction unit: MFC-JH70DW which is at least 4 years old and also trouble free. Before retiring (self employed) had a number of Brother Laser printers networked (ethernet cable) by a Macintosh consultant since 1996 when I bit the bullet and computerized the office, and suffered no serious printer down time except to upgrade. When retiring gave the office printers away to happy recipients. Maybe I have been lucky but Brother products have been bullet proof. As to consumables, for the office I bought compatible drums & toner from Toner Price dot Com for years with great success. Now that I am retired I buy Toner and Drums from Amazon and pay the extra to get actual Brother consumables because my printing volume is below 250 pages a month. For the Brother Ink jet I always use Brother ink and have had no problems.

    Dan Kurt

  5. Have bought several in that series (like I mentioned in the last one, buy them for remote offices and combat loss them at the end.) I also bought one for the wife’s home office, and the only issue that has come up is that sometimes you have to reboot it to get the wireless to connect, which seems to be something with anything wireless.

    Otherwise, never had a problem over more than two years.

  6. My wife and I have run many printers from that same Brother series, 2250s and currently a 2370. Good solid little machines. We run about 1000 sheets a month through it.

    I am currently using a Samsung scx-3405W 3 in 1 and quite like it as well. I run about 1500 a month through mine.

    Remember the promises of the paperless office? Har, har, hardy har har. The government seems to want a photocopy of everything ever including the gold crown on my back molar.

    Plus my wife is a CPA and somewhat religious about backup paper records. Of everything, including important emails. When I move money from one of our family’s small businesses to another, I can do it on the internet but she insists I print the confirmation twice. One for the payor, one for the payee. She’s a paper blizzard in these here electronic times.

    1. Should the North Koreans or Iranians or ISIS or Russians or whoever the enemy of the week is do an EMP bomb, you’ll have a supply of toilet paper. A little hard to wipe the butt with a DVD or a bunch of electrons that used to exist someplace out there in cyberspace. Paper has its uses.

  7. I’m a fan of Epson and I have a XP-830-ran $120 and I gotta say I love it. I’ve had it over a year and finally just had to replace the larger black cartridge. Colors are sharp, was easy to set up and it’s wireless.

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