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Megan Fox has some advice on “How to Go Out in Public as a Trump Supporter”.

This because White House staffers have been tossed out of restaurants, cinemas etc. by screeching SJW / Commie / Democrat / Antifa [lots of overlap]  loonies, and because we’re seeing this kind of thing in the so-shull meejah:

Unable to get what they want peacefully (e.g. via elections and rational argument), it seems as though the Left is starting to preach and foment violence, as they always do under such circumstances.  And as George Orwell once intimated, the Left are all for violence / revolution / [insert violent action e.g. gun confiscation, mass executions or gulag sentences here], as long as they themselves as individuals aren’t required to do it.

So my advice to all Trump supporters is rather more succinct, and less tongue-in-cheek, than Ms. Fox’s:

“How to Go Out in Public as a Trump Supporter”?


As a wise man once said:  “I’m not going to start anything.  But I sure as hell am going to finish it.”  I wonder how the Left will feel if they actually have to reap the whirlwind they’re sowing.

Update:  Looks like I’m not the only one offering this advice.


  1. The Establishment Left is trying DESPERATELY to keep their nut job voters distracted from one of the core facts of the 2016 election; the Establishment Left pretty much bypassed the voters to select Her Shrillness and SHE LOST.

    If the rank and file Democrats ever manage to focus on that simple fact, the status quo in the Democrat Party could get seriously seasick.


    What’s the difference between A Socialist and Hillary Clinton? A Socialist has an ideology. Hillary just has a price list.

  2. Dear Magdalena;
    Thank you for your kind suggestion, it is deeply appreciated.
    With the greatest respect, I must communicate to you that when you
    address me with your Louisville Slugger, I will try to de-motivate you
    with a small application of American made copper and lead, courtesy of
    Federal and delivered by Sig.
    Love Roger

  3. I went to look at @magsvisaggs tweets. The silly little twit is comic book reader and ‘creator’ with a comic book brain who claims to be a tranny. ie, she’s a mentally disabled self abusing wanker.

  4. Take your best shot. Then run when I take it away from you and return the serve.

    You do that kind if crap and I will not see a sex, only an assailant.

  5. If they wish to engage in violence, they will not appreciate the finer points of RULE-7.62!

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