Skirting The Rules

So what to do when you’re working outside in sweltering temperatures, but the ‘Elf & Safety regulations forbid wearing short pants?  You find a way around the rules:

The brickies — who were working in Chertsey, Surrey — were horrified by new health and safety rules forbidding shorts. But when they realised they could get around the ban by wearing women’s clothing thanks to gender equality regulations, they showed up for work in skirts and frocks.  [emphasis added]

And because this story would be no good wifout pichurs:

I love stories like this.  Fuck the bureaucrats.


      1. Depends on the fabric. Certainly a 16-oz ‘tank’ with the full 8 yards would be hot as hell.

  1. As seen above, Kilts perhaps but who cares? Myself, I am too old to look good in a dress, skirt or shorts for that matter.

  2. And one other thing, just as the rule about not having loose clothing, ties, strings and such one dressed in the manner above might want to take care and secure dangling participles.

  3. Reminds me of when I was stationed in Hawaii in the 80’s. The “Civil Rights” wonks decided that ladies nights at local bars was discriminatory towards men and declared them illegal.

    The response was for bars to start having nights with discounts for anyone in a skirt.

    Don’t know if any guys showed up in a skirt to avoid cover and get 1/2 price drinks, but apparently the Powers That Be were incensed that the bars weren’t taking them seriously and were mocking their Pronouncements from On High. And here we thought they were clueless…

  4. “Skirting The Rules”


    Dude, really? *shakes head slowly*

    (PS: I heartily approve.)

    1. Hey, I do that kind of thing so seldom, I think I can be forgiven this one. The original title was “Fuck Yer Safety Regs”…

  5. Ya dinna suppose the Elf’ Department included kilts with shorts? I realize an Englishman is loath to wear Scott’s attire, but they do make industrial kilts nowadays.

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