Why G6.5 and not G7?  Because CanuckPM GirlyBoy Trudeau is really only worth half a country, as witnessed by God-Emperor Trump’s comments on tariffs:

Or, as The Last Refuge ungrammatically puts it, “Tariffs are only illegal when the U.S. does it”.

If ever there are two photos which reflect the difference between the Obama and Trump administrations:

The body language is priceless.  (On the right, that’s John Bolton trying to keep a straight face. Even the JapPM is unimpressed.)

Trump thinks:  “I wish the Kraut bitch would shut up.  I’ve got a 2.30 tee time.”

Your suggestions as to what he’s thinking, in Comments.


  1. “Damn, she’s almost as ugly as Hillary”

    “Hey, notice that we’re speaking English and not German? Why do you think that is?”

    “I wonder how much I could trade her to the Russians for….”

    “I’ll have an order of Jaeger Schnitzel with extra Spaetzle, and whatever the locally-brewed Dopplebock is”

  2. Body language speaks volumes. Clearly Trump and especially Abe are the adults in the room. Still, the link provided by RadarRider indicates “staged photo-op” if not a hefty ration of odiferous bologna-salami.

  3. My favorite was always “Shut up, German Hillary, or I will slap your Canadian Girlfriend”

  4. Abe has been something of a poster boy for how allies are supposed to act. I’m sure it hasn’t gone unnoticed by Trump. I’m sure it also won’t go unnoticed in trade negotiations.

  5. ‘You know, put a little black mustache under that nose and she’d look like a blond Adolph.’

  6. Actual meme seen today:

    Abe: last time we listened to Germans, we got nuked. Uhhh, NO!

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