A new Nordic lifestyle trend has encouraged people to strip down to their underwear when they get home and drink as a form of relaxation.
‘Päntsdrunk’ is a self-care phenomenon that encourages ‘a path to solitary relaxation, recovery and self-empowerment to help you face your future challenges,’ according to a book entitled Päntsdrunk: The Finnish Path to Relaxation.

Hanging around the house in yer undies, drinking booze… round here, that’s called “Every Day”, and we’ve been doing it for decades.  Glad it’s finally been recognized for the important custom that it is.


  1. I’ve known a lot of Nordics over the years and drinking plenty is something they have always done. In the 1980s wife and I used to ski in the Alps with my cousins a bit and even the hard drinking skiers used to dread a bus or planeload of scandies arriving. They would get pissed immediately and continuously and get up to the usual mischief of drunks – loud and aggressive and quiet and depressed by turns, emotional, dancing, singing, fighting, yelling, puking everywhere, day or night, passing out here, there, in random corners.

    We spent 2 weeks in Zell am See and a charter747 of Swedes took over the Grand Hotel for our first week. It’s a beautiful place and was one of the film locations for Band of Brothers, I think, one of the war shows anyway. Management swore that they would never again allow another Gottverdammt Swede in the place. Thankfully, we were in a different hotel.

    The rumor was that their booze at home was highly taxed and regulated because they were thought to drink too much by their paternalistic government, and for one the socialist bastards were right. They’d therefore invade the south for cheap drinks.

    Regardless of the reason, they certainly drank an awful lot. They were a lot of fun until they got to the obnoxious stages.

    1. I’d like to see them get obnoxious with the Mohammedans they’re allowing to molest their women.

  2. ‘Päntsdrunk’ huh, so that’s what I did! Thought the skivvies part just a carryover from military service. Until I married at age 35 or so, a day at the office followed by a commute made päntsdrunk a weeknight routine. Typically a “drink one-spill one-leave one” type, can’t say I was as mercurial as the Swedes described. Occasionally a bender was called for though.
    Following marriage, a more refined “evening casual attire” was my adjustment for the greater good.

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