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“Leftist propaganda is usually split into two halves.  The first half invokes a victim group of some sort, for whom we are expected to feel sympathy for their plight.  The second half invokes hate towards a group that is portrayed as deliberately doing down, punishing or disadvantaging the first group.  This process is a kind of emotional dialectic – a thesis and antithesis of oppressor and victimhood.  Whilst the sympathy of the Left for the victim group sometimes comes across as strained, contrived or even hypocritical, the hate is expressed in a heartfelt and visceral way.  This technique is one of the reasons why a debate with a Leftist nearly always departs from any cool rationality and descends into emotional irrationality and contradiction of terms.  Emotions are used in this way because emotions are very, very powerful political tools for manipulation of peoples’ actions.  Whole revolutions have been justified using this technique.” — David Eyles, Country Squire Magazine

Read the entire article:  it’s magnificent.

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  1. Semi related- on the flight back to the USA, I caught the film “The Death of Stalin”. Loved it, as not only was it really, really funny, and not only did it have a happy ending, but a happy beginning as well (Stalin dies).

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