When I resumed blogging, I toyed with the idea of starting each week with a feelgood story, but to be frank, there aren’t that many of them.  Here, however, is a fantastic one about a man who works for the council in his home town, and gives his constituents back more than they give him.  We should all have such a guy in our community.

“I got sick of sitting in useless council meetings where people just drank coffee and did nothing about the complaints that were coming through in waves.  I thought: ‘Right! I’ll just roll my sleeves up and do it myself.’ “

Needless to say, the council are trying to stop him.  And failing, because he has massive community support (and a 75% voting margin every election).  The man should get an award from the Queen.  But he won’t, of course, and I suspect he’d just be embarrassed by it.

Read the whole thing because it will make you feel good about the human race, even if only momentarily.


  1. This is a dangerous man. He is showing up the rest of the council as we sit in our chairs harrumphing about the budget. We just can’t have this sort of behavior, or the peasants might start expecting the rest of the council to go out and, you know, earn their money. He must be stopped!

  2. I wonder if they’re going to transfer him to Sandford. Can’t have him showing up everyone else and making him look bad.
    It’s for the Greater Good!

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