Says It All, Really

Via Perry de Havilland at Samizdata, there’s a rather long quote by Tom Paine wherein he characterizes the Labour Party and Conservative Party respectively as the “Let’s Fuck It Up” and the “Let’s Fuck It Up More Slowly” Parties.

If anyone can think of a better description of the current Democrats and Establishment Republicans (GOPe), I’ll buy you a drink.


  1. The Democrats are the “let’s do something really stupid” party.

    The Republicans are the “let’s refine their really stupid ideas into semi-working solutions” party.

    The GOPe never repeals government expansion, they manage and operationalize the Dem’s idiot ideas. That’s why people like McCain voted against Obamacare repeal.

    1. Bram is an optimist.

      And McCain was stupid and incompetent before he got brain cancer.

      Kim’s original quote stands.

      1. He did manage to destroy 5 American aircraft and an aircraft carrier. Stupid and incompetent are too mild.

        1. Even though I don’t like McCain, I have to object to the McCain slam.
          Cuckoo and self-centered though he is, McCain had nothing to do with the Forrestal fire other than he survived it through quick thinking.
          Static electricity caused an aircraft (not McCain’s) parked on deck to fire a Zuni missle into another aircraft, which started the chain reaction catastrophe.
          It’s wrong, wrong, wrong, a dishonor to the dead and living who heroically saved lives and a ship, to make political hay of their terrible day.
          Do some more fact checking before smearing someone.

  2. Family friendly blog. True feeling on the stupid, evil uni-party is not printable.

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