What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

This Swedish woman is a tireless campaigner against the deportation of criminal “refugees” and in a gesture of… well, you guess it, I can’t — goes home with two teenage Afghans she meets outside a bar. The inevitable occurs:

A Swedish woman in her 40s was brutally raped by an Afghan teenager while another migrant man molested her, a court has heard.

As the man said: you’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh hysterically at this story. Read the whole thing; I guarantee you’ll be shaking your head all the way through.

Man, some people are just plain fucking stupid.

Hovis Hill

There’s a hilly village in Dorset, Britishland which was used in a TV commercial for Hovis bread many years ago. Here’s a view of the same hill taken during one of the “Beast From The East” winter storms recently:

My first question is: what the hell would possess anyone to build a village on so steep an incline?

My second question: I wonder what the incidence of thrombosis is in this village, compared to the national average?

Giving The People What They Want

As we all know, some mope got into a van and drove down a sidewalk in Toronto, killing some folks. Then, when stopped and surrounded by cop cars, he jumped out of his van and pleaded with the cops to kill him. This is what it looked like:

So far, so good… or so one would have thought. The next few seconds should have been full of hundreds of cop bullets hitting this little shit, and him falling dead to the ground, right?

Nope. Instead of killing the fucker, the cops (I guess because they’re Canadians and therefore gentle souls) managed to pull him to the ground, cuffing him and saving his life.

Now he’s going to stand trial, and apparently his motivation for the crime will be that he couldn’t get women to sleep with him because he’s a schlub (in the parlance of the day, he’s “involuntarily celibate”, or an “incel”). As though that could ever excuse his crime.

Well, fuck that. Way I see it, the cops are guilty of a public disservice here. If someone commits a very obvious crime and then wants the cops to kill him, they should grant the man his wish and shoot the bastard dead on the spot. We’re spared all the angst that follows, justice is done and we can all go back to our lives without having to listen to how and why his soul was so tortured that he was driven to commit crime, etc. etc. etc. boo fucking hoo.

Vermin need to be summarily exterminated, and this asshole definitely qualifies.

A tangential thought:  having seen Toronto women on the several visits I’ve paid there, I think this mope is lucky that none of them wanted to sleep with him. To me, young Toronto women look like ur-feminists of the worst type: badly-dressed, self-obsessed and rude, almost all of them are Career Grrls, hence unworthy of the attention of any man of taste and discrimination.

Depressing Statistic

As Longtime Readers all know, I look on most “studies” nowadays with the utmost skepticism, being as they generally employ shoddy data collection techniques, poor sampling and / or stupid analytic conclusions.

All that said, I found this one, from this study, to be at least credible:

Most relationships start with terrible or awkward sex.

Well, duh. That’s true of pretty much most human interaction,because you’re on unfamiliar territory and you need to get things straightened out before you can make it work properly.

Within the report, however, was a factoid which I found downright depressing:

69% of Americans admit that they get feelings of excitement right before sex with a new partner.

Now the last time I had sex with a new partner was during the Clinton presidency, so my memory may be failing me. But FFS: what other feelings can one have before first-time sex, if not excitement? Dread? Nausea? Fear? Disgust? And to make it worse: if 69% of folks get excited before a first-time bonk, that means that 31% don’t get excited, which seems incredible. I can understand pre-bonk anxiety, of course — which over half of people admit to — but one can be anxious about something yet still be excited about it. But 31 percent?

As I suggested above, this may just be shitty data, in which case we can carry on with our lives. But if the data can be trusted, then we as a society are in deep shit when something so basic, so natural, and (speaking from memory again) so much fun is not exciting.

Quote Of The Day

From the inimitable Sarah Hoyt:

“Humans don’t do well with no limits and nothing to strive against, and in a society where abundance does not supply the sharp sting of lack or the fear of death, we need to have other things to test ourselves against.”