Gratuitous Gun Pic: Henry Big Boy lever rifle

If it weren’t so beautiful, I’d call it a Henry Bad Boy. This lovely piece is available in .357 Mag, .45 Colt and .44 Mag.

I know, I know: it’s not a pre-’64 Winchester, nor is it a Marlin. Don’t care. Henry makes exceptional rifles, and I don’t know a single person who has ever sold a Henry without deeply regretting it afterwards.

Did I already mention that it’s beautiful?


    1. D, after twelve rounds of .357 Mag rapid fire, the time taken to reload the tube allows the barrel to cool…
      Consider it a feature, not a bug.

      1. Oh, I have it covered well enough with a Rossi/Puma M92 in .357. Got it for all of $360 years ago, the gun has been faultless and is a frickin’ laser. I just ignore that silly safety atop the back of the bolt.

  1. The only “gratuitous” gun that I own, not for a specific purpose or niche, is my Henry 22lr that I have only for plinking, and because I’ve wanted one since I was 12 years old.

  2. And if you go to their website, it says that the rifle is okay for the left-handed. Woot! O wait, I’m in the UK. Curses; foiled again! 🙂

    1. IIRC the 19th- Century Win lever-guns were all “ambidextrous” in that they ejected the brass vertically. It was only the loading gate that made them “handed”.

  3. I don’t know what it is about those lever actions, but I’ve always enjoyed using them. I think they feel great and look cool.

    Definitely on my must buy list someday.

  4. 357 ballistics out of a rifle barrel are impressive. Combined with a matching wheel gun and 38 Special for plinking and you have a hell of a combination. Wheel weight cast bullets and Bullseye powder make for nearly free reloads. Good times.

  5. I bought a .44 special/mag Henry Big Boy back in 2014 to celebrate my recovery from prostate cancer. I’ll be at the “magic” five year mark in October and both I and the Henry are still going strong. I usually don’t name my guns, but this one is called Margie after my wife of almost 42 years because every man needs a good woman and a good rifle. The action is smooth and the wood is far better than any other rifle in my collection. Its not a combat rifle – although I think that it could serve as one – so I’m not worried about the tube magazine. If you can’t end a fight with six or seven hot .44 mags you’re in the wrong business anyway. If I ever was exiled to a blue state the Henry would sit under my bed loaded with 300 grain hollow points and that’s about all a guy needs. Tony Imperiale of Henry is a class act. Now if we could only get him to move out of the People’s Republic of New Jersey…..

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