News Roundup

1.) FrogPres Emanuel Macron and his Nana wife arrived in D.C. to meet with POTUS. I can only imagine what they’ll talk about, Macron being about the most pussified politician in Euroland — which is saying something. One thing’s for sure: Trump isn’t gonna grab this saggy old broad’s ass. (Incidentally, Macron is probably Over Here because they all hate him back in France.)

2.) Duchess Kate Wossname popped another sprog. As usual, the socialists are moaning that all babies should be born equal instead of being fifth in line to the throne of Britishland. Nobody cares about this except people like me, who think that all socialists should be flogged daily, and not just for being complete tools about the birth of a baby.

3.) Man runs the London Marathon in honor of his late father, then dies. So he died in honor of his dead father, but he wasn’t Japanese (in which case this might have made sense). One would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh at this story.

4.) Asswipe causes ruckus on an airliner, gets a Taser sandwich. A quick look at his mugshot should explain everything.

5.) A bunch of lesbians caught fire — oh wait, not lesbians but the Greek island of Lesbos. My bad; although you have to admit that the headline “Lesbos On Fire” could be misleading. Anyway, the “migrants” are revolting (I know: aren’t they all). Apparently they were attacked by a bunch of patriotic Greeks who are sick of all the crime and such that the”refugees” are bringing with them. (I’m not one of the above, but I can see why they might think this way.)

…and lastly:

6.) Women-only offices (so-called “coworking” spaces) are increasing in number because #MeToo or something. I have only one question to ask: could men create “men-only” work spaces to escape the bullshit that these ur-feminists bring to the workplace? Thought not. [200,000-word rant deleted]


  1. Regarding #1, obviously I realized I’m mistaken after looking at the pics, but I thought the French president had a young, smokin’ hot wife, nearly Melania level. maybe a former French Pres? As an aside, it is SO nice to have a good-looking and classy First Lady unlike the last one, who reminded me of the Eddie Murphy routine where his uncle caught a Bigfoot, shaved her, and married her.

    On the topic of #6: I have to wonder if these womyn who believe that the female of the species always work together ever went to High School. Women can be brutally competitive, far beyond what men are capable of, and on an entirely different level. Just like (IIRC) Sally Field when she said if women were in charge there’d be no wars, BS, women are perfectly willing to let someone ELSE’S child die to keep their’s safe. And WRT the men-only offices, some years ago we got a new (female) manager in our office, and on her very first day , in the whole-office meeting, she said “My goal is to make sure women get promoted”. I considered contacting HR but knew it wouldn’t do any good.

    1. Mark, you’re thinking of Nicholas Sarkozy, who was married to über-hottie Carla Bruni.

  2. // Women-only offices (so-called “coworking” spaces) //

    I believe that’s spelled “cow orking.”

    1. cow-orking and coworking spaces don’t have to be women-only.

      Aside: regarding the douchebag who got tasered off the plane, “Myself and others”. Grrr. Stop saying that, people. You deserve a tasering for saying that.

  3. Qanon says that the whole purpose for Macron is to try to talk Trump out of blowing up the Iran deal. Makes sense independent of (the collective) your ideas of Qanon.

  4. In regards to the last one, I suspect that there will be much public trumpeting of the joys of working in an empowered womyn only space, followed by a large number of women quietly transferring back to the other office over time.

  5. If there EVER comes a time where there is women only working spaces, I shall definitely buy a gun. And shoot myself in the back, before the rest of the behatches can stab me in it!

  6. As a Medicare Card carrying seasoned citizen I’ve always been a fan of older ladies, but Brigitte Macron makes me want to poke my eyes out. She’s Miss Anorexia 2018! I’ve seen better looking women in the old newsreels of concentration camp liberations.

  7. Let’s get on to serious questions. What should we flog the socialists with? Rattan canes? The cat o’nine tails? Bullwhips? Tire chains? Or some combination of the above?

    And how shall we keep score?

  8. Credit where credit is due: the French PM brought a sapling from the Beallaeu Woods, and him & President Trump both planted it at the White House.

  9. Re: the sapling from Belleau Wood. Mr. Macron should have at least gifted a sapling to the Commandant’s residence / U.S. Marine Barracks at nearby 8th&I St.

  10. Actually, most French like Macron – or at least support him against the astoundingly privileged “workers” of SNCF.

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