Giving The People What They Want

As we all know, some mope got into a van and drove down a sidewalk in Toronto, killing some folks. Then, when stopped and surrounded by cop cars, he jumped out of his van and pleaded with the cops to kill him. This is what it looked like:

So far, so good… or so one would have thought. The next few seconds should have been full of hundreds of cop bullets hitting this little shit, and him falling dead to the ground, right?

Nope. Instead of killing the fucker, the cops (I guess because they’re Canadians and therefore gentle souls) managed to pull him to the ground, cuffing him and saving his life.

Now he’s going to stand trial, and apparently his motivation for the crime will be that he couldn’t get women to sleep with him because he’s a schlub (in the parlance of the day, he’s “involuntarily celibate”, or an “incel”). As though that could ever excuse his crime.

Well, fuck that. Way I see it, the cops are guilty of a public disservice here. If someone commits a very obvious crime and then wants the cops to kill him, they should grant the man his wish and shoot the bastard dead on the spot. We’re spared all the angst that follows, justice is done and we can all go back to our lives without having to listen to how and why his soul was so tortured that he was driven to commit crime, etc. etc. etc. boo fucking hoo.

Vermin need to be summarily exterminated, and this asshole definitely qualifies.

A tangential thought:  having seen Toronto women on the several visits I’ve paid there, I think this mope is lucky that none of them wanted to sleep with him. To me, young Toronto women look like ur-feminists of the worst type: badly-dressed, self-obsessed and rude, almost all of them are Career Grrls, hence unworthy of the attention of any man of taste and discrimination.


  1. I must respectfully disagree. I’d much prefer that the police capture the perp. That way we have a chance to open up their nasty cesspit of a brain and rummage around to see if there are any *other* bastards needing attention. THEN we execute him.

    Unfortunately, given the current state of jurisprudence we’re not allowed to effectively do either of the follow-on steps. Still, there’s usually some kind of useful intel to be gleaned by capturing the goblins.

    1. Nope. In this case, the little shit is exactly the same as that other mope in California, who shot some women because he couldn’t get laid. We know his motivation — and I say, just kill him.
      DItto the bastards who shout “Allah akbar” or however they say it. We know their motivation, too. Kill them on the spot and we can all carry on with our lives.
      Also, a trial gives these pricks notoriety — often a motivation all by themselves. But if they’re summarily killed, we can forget about them and they can deservedly disappear into the mists of history, barely known and un-acknowledged.

      1. “DItto the bastards who shout “Allah akbar” or however they say it.”

        You never see any mention beyond this, but…

        Years ago I used to play a roguelike game (Linley’s Dungeon Crawl) that had a feature that if you prayed to your god right before an action, you were dedicating that action to the god, giving you bonuses over time. I’ve always suspected the chants of “Allahu ackbar” (and if you watch some videos, you’ll see they do chant it over and over again–a great one from a long time ago was one recorded by a wannabe jihadi who shot a US soldier–in the armor–and was very unpleasantly surprised when the soldier got back up) is the same thing.

  2. That stuff about the perp being an incel was a troll from the 4chan guys. The media jumped on it because they didn’t want this to be yet another case of Canadians getting killed by moslem diversity trucks.

    Kate at Small Dead Animals has the details. I’d post a link but my friggin iPad is having issues…

  3. The problem is that other losers seem to want to emulate the assholes who go down in a blaze of glory. If instead, this guy is thoroughly humiliated in court and on TV as being a pathetic loser, then spends the rest of his life in prison as a sex toy, maybe there won’t be so many copy-cats. Death was too good for him.

  4. ‘Incel’, huh? Is that another attempt at denigrating men? Sometimes it just doesn’t happen (and paying for it can be career-limiting) and my advice to both sides is to Just Get Over It. (Granted, some would prefer to just get it over… :))

  5. If someone commits a very obvious crime and then wants the cops to kill him, they should grant the man his wish and shoot the bastard dead on the spot.

    There are a number of cases of “suicide by cop” every year. These are not any sort of fun for the police officer involved. In fact, rather closer to a nightmare in most cases, and I’m not even talking about the paperwork and investigation afterward.

  6. Most of our legal system is shite, but our policy of saving murderers so we can then really, really torture them is a good idea. And if you don’t think multiple years of court proceedings is torture you haven’t been sued or charged with something serious.

    This lets us use worthless trash to persuade marginal people not to lose control.

    1. Not only that, but back 30 and 40 years ago we didn’t have internet porn. We had to make do with the lingerie section of the sears catalog and old issues of national geographic. Times were tough, but we made do.

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