1. No worries Mate, you would have had a tough time competing with the Crazy Hubris of the White House Press Corpse(sic) at their annual Kiddie Karnival.

  2. I’ll admit that I was just a bit concerned when you dropped off the web for a few hours. I wondered if the Coward County Sheriff Office had caught up with you – although I feel sorry for anybody who would try to rattle your chain.

  3. I took a couple days off, and ended up in a remote corner of the world where hotel say “free wireless”, laptop say “no wireless”. Even my phone only had a bar or two — about an eighth of the total number of bars in the town.
    So guess where I went…

  4. Fine Business there was no need to disrupt the local constabulary’s doughnut patrol. After enduring “a day without KdT is a day without sunshine”, pleased to await a return to “Normal Service”. Maybe toss in a extra-ration of zoom-zoom, bang-bang and a bit of tasteful hoochie-coochie.

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