1. See what lack of trigger finger and muzzle control leads to. You’all kids gotta lot of explain’n and clean’n up to do.

  2. Easy… easy… it’s OK… I know, I know, but if we had let them sing “Kumbaya” at the ceremony, God knows where it would stopped.

  3. Sorry babe, but it’s not like you didn’t know hot brass wouldn’t end up in there!

  4. I looked closer and the bride’s hem line spray pattern is floral not human juice. Bit disappointing.

  5. Note the clever way the flower pattern at the bottom of the dress conceals blood splatter

  6. “I’m glad we wrote our own vows, it means more when you do that.”


    “You’re right, this is better than a church wedding.”


    “Darling, when you asked if I would convert to your religion so we could get married, I think you skipped over a couple of parts.”


    “Well, Daddy wouldn’t say things like that if you would just learn to hold it correctly. C’mon, for me?”

  7. No caption, but am I the only one horrified at his muzzle pointing up at their two heads, mostly hers?

    Jesus man, point it clearly in the air or at the ground, don’t fuck around like that for a photo op, the fucking gun is fucking loaded, or you should assume it is. Idiots.

  8. “Up at the top of the mountain,
    Away from the sins of this world,
    Anse Hatfield’s son,
    He laid down his gun,
    And dreamed of Ran McCoy’s girl.”

    Old Appalachian ballad

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