Additional Delights

From Comments in yesterday’s post explaining my brief abstinence:

“Maybe toss in a extra-ration of zoom-zoom, bang-bang and a bit of tasteful hoochie-coochie.”

I live to please. First, some zoom-zoom (Alvis Speed 25, 1939):

Next, a little bang-bang (Browning BAR in .243 Win):

…and finally, some hoochie-cootchie, of unknown provenance:


  1. If this is a caption contest…
    I don’t know who locked the door to the bathroom, but I REALLY GOTTA GO

      1. I’ve seen some remarkably good renders. This… isn’t one of them. Usually the biggest weaknesses are lighting (harder than you’d think to get that lighting natural), and the bends at elbow and knee (those seem to trip up a lot of folks).

        Then of course there’s a small but steady business in CGI porn, flavors ranging from pin-ups to … eh, let’s not go there.

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