1. I want a car in British Racing Green!

    There was a limited edition Miata in that color long ago. They need to bring it back.

  2. Perhaps my favorite car of all time, split windshield and all. In the early 1960’s I was driving my little Bug Eye Sprite and a guy pulled up next to me in a fixed head XJ120. We pulled over at a Dairy Queen and visited about Brit cars and he offered to let me drive his and that’s the first time I ever drove a car over 120 mph. We were on a black top straight country road and he said open it up and I did, I think we hit 120 before I backed off the accelerator. That was in the old days when having an English sports car, even a little, bitty one made you part of a masochistic club with Lucas jokes and stuff.

  3. Easily the best XK-120 I’ve seen. So good I have to wonder if it’s not a 140. No matter. For my nickel, the ultimate Cat was the XK-150. Signature grill work more distinctive than any Alfa or BMW. Introductory flash aside, never that keen on E-Types. Now we’ve gone from E-Type to E-Pace. Here’s to a Ghost HE-111 making another run over Coventry.

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