Ahhhh, it’s May 1st, the traditional Socialist holiday [sic] when the Party faithful and the Vanguard rejoice in the perfection of the Proletariat Paradise they’ve created for the grateful working classes.

It was also Karl Marx’s birthday a little while ago, and the New York Times rejoiced in that, too.

So how should we, we happy band of Deplorables, celebrate all this Socialism?

I’d suggest punching a random hippie, journalist or Democrat [some overlap; quite a lot, actually] but then I’d no doubt be accused of some hate crime or other.

Ah well, might as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb (so to speak):

…and should anyone need reminding of the fundamentals:

Suggestions for the Hanging Tree will be accepted in Comments.

Happy May Day, everyone! Now go ye forth and enjoy yourselves, and don’t forget to clean yer bayonets properly before putting them away: blood is very corrosive*.

*don’t ask me how I know this.


  1. April 1 is “April Fools’ Day”. I call May 1 “Fools’ Day.”

  2. “*don’t ask me how I know this.”

    Guessing the same finishing school that taught you excessive gin consumption produces fumes that repel mosquitos.

  3. How about instead of hanging you tie the rope to the bumper of that pretty little car in the other post and STAND ON IT.

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