Dept. Of Righteous Killings

This from Britishland:

Police were called in the early hours of Wednesday morning after reports of a burglary in progress and a man injured at an address in Hither Green.
Mr Osborn-Brooks, who was at home with his disabled wife Maureen, had found two men inside the address and a struggle ensued between him and the men.
It is believed that one of the suspects had a screwdriver and threatened the homeowner with it.
Vincent, from Kent, was found collapsed on the street and had suffered a stab wound to the upper body. He was taken by the London Ambulance Service to a central London hospital where he was pronounced dead at 3.37am.

So far, so good. To summarize: violent career criminal (it turns out) invades home, threatens elderly homeowner and gets killed for his efforts. [pause to let applause and cheering die down]

But of course, this is not-so-Great Britain, where criminals may not face consequences for their criminal actions — especially at the hands of the public, no matter what the cause. So Our Hero faced the wrath of the Fuzz:

He was arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and further arrested on suspicion of murder. He was taken to a south London police before being bailed.

[pause to let howls of outrage subside]

However, there is a happy ending:

[He] has now been told that no action will be taken following discussions between the Met Police and Crown Prosecution Service.

Needless to say, the air is full of relatives (most of them career criminals as well) wailing about how the dead goblin had a heart of gold (a perforated heart of gold, as it turns out) and He Didn’t Deserve To Die because he was just trying to support his family (I’m not making this up; it was in an earlier report).

But this being Britain, there’s a sting in the tale [sic]:

On Friday, [Our Hero’s] house was being boarded up and metal shutters were placed over windows amid security fears. Two vans, one with a cherry picker on the back, arrived this afternoon to secure the empty house. Heavy duty security grills were also fitted around all the windows.

So in defending himself from two murderous intruders, he now has to live his life cowering behind boarded-up windows, in fear of reprisal from the dead asshole’s relatives; because while the Britcops are very efficient in arresting the law-abiding, they’re completely incompetent when it comes to protecting them. And of course, there is no way in hell Our Hero is ever going to be allowed to own a shotgun to protect himself.

This is not going to end well. You read it here first.

So when our local would-be gun controllers confiscators talk about “reasonable U.K.-style gun laws”, please note that this would be one of the outcomes for us law-abiding folks.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the range.


  1. No need to go into the storied history of this island nation. But this is 2018. Right now it is toast. They opened the gates of hell and have to deal with the consequences. This combined with the commies eating at the timbers for a 100 years will collapse the house. The Islamic migrants they let in will destroy then take over the land in short order. Just as illustration in the last couple of days I’ve watched videos of:

    Women constables being man handled by muslims, pinned to a wall and humped from behind as the crowd laughs. Muslims constables humping women as the crowd cheers them on. Community policing?

    Muslim woman chastising girl wearing a skirt in what is a no-go area. Yup, no-go areas right now in Britain.

    Group of muslims blocking a public road, laying down rugs, and praying. Traffic having to wait until they were finished.

    Read story of isolated Scotch island forced to accept the building of mosque for handful of new migrants.

    Sorry if it sounds like I am being hateful. But the reality is Europe/the world is under attack from a dedicated ideology. 500 or a thousand yrs from now the history books (if there are books) will describe the assault and elimination of Western culture. Much as now we read of the 1000 year pulses of Chinese events. How many dynasties, religions, cultures that came and went across the Asia mainland in the last 5 or 6 thousand years? It is now the turn of the white European man and his culture. It will soon disappear.

  2. You know, the UK is unarmed…it becomes tempting to see just what it would take to pull another William the Conqueror stunt.

  3. “There are four kinds of homocide: felonious, excusable, justifiable, and praiseworthy, but it makes no great difference to the person slain whether he fell by one kind or another—the classification is for advantage of the lawyers.”
    Ambrose Bierce
    The Devil’s Dictionary

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