Dialing Back The Pussification, One Race At A Time

Via Longtime Friend Knob, I see that the F1 grid girls will be on display at Monaco this year:

When Liberty Media announced it would be replacing grid girls with grid kids the owners of Formula 1 were applauded for tackling a dated and sexist tradition.
But not everyone was pleased with Liberty’s decision. Many F1 fans believe the grid girls are a big part of the sport – and the organisers of one of F1’s biggest races seem to agree with this viewpoint.
According to the report the Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM) has reached an agreement with Liberty Media for the grid girls to be at the “glitzy and glamorous” race.
In an interview with newspaper Monaco-Matin, ACM president Michel Boeri said: “The relationship is good with Liberty Media, because they understand that Monaco is not Spa or Monza.”

Actually, the real response should have been that Formula 1 isn’t the faculty lounge at Wellesley College, but I’ll take victory where I can, no matter how small.

On a related note:  I won’t be going to Monaco this year to watch the race with Knob because he won’t be in the country — some crap about he’ll be busy selling some property development off in South Africa at the end of May, like he has his priorities right (not) — so as far as Yer Humble Narrator is concerned, the glitz and glamour of the Monaco GP will have to wait till another year.


For newcomers to this here corner of the Internet, my earlier thoughts on Liberty Media’s stupidity can be found here. And here’s a small sample of what we’ll be missing in all the other F1 races in 2018:


I think those pussywhipped fools at Liberty Media need to get a swift kick in the balls… if they have any, that is.

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  1. Having been an F1 follower since the early days of Watkins Glen and the emergence of the rear engine cars, the glory, glitz, glamour, and girls are just a sideshow. The real problem with the F1 cars and their racing is the rules that make it so that passing is damnably difficult. Aero / downforce enhancements make it so that following closely behind a car will quickly destroy your tires, not to mention mess up your aero / downforce. Too many races are won and lost in the pits or by the pits. (Just ask Hamilton about that)
    Today’s cars are far too dependent on aero enhancements & less on driver ability. The racing is becoming almost like NASCAR boring. If you want to watch real road racing, check out top level motorcycle racing for some real dicing, passing & tactics.

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