1. “If I win the lottery this week, will I buy a Ferrari or a Lamborghini?” “Why are life decisions so damn hard?”

  2. “Who d’ya think would win a fight out of Catwoman and Supergirl. Naked. In butter.”

  3. “Is it cylinder alignment or the gap causing that weird backspray from my revolver…? Forcing cone looked fine… Let’s look up the minimum gap and try that first. Range rods are kind of expensive as a first thing to try.”

  4. “Huh….looking at her reflection in my phone really improves her “morning face”.”

  5. Him: “Blink, blink, zzzzzzz….”

    Beds are for sex or sleeping, not philosophy or conversation.

    1. Holy Crap, that’s funny, almost been there – done that over thirty years ago with land line phone. My first marriage ago, maybe, with plausible deniability. Wasn’t there, didn’t do it, won’t ever do it again.

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