Not In My Wheelhouse

Via Insty, I see that some slut is boasting of how she’s bonked three Uber drivers in the course of her travels around (duh) Manhattan. Leaving aside that the whole thing might be totally bogus — which is often the case with these “Penthouse Letters” fantasies — I suppose that the scenario is quite plausible.

Thank goodness it’ll never happen to me. This is mainly due to the fact that I work from 4am till early afternoon, because I refuse to work the “late-night-drunk” shift. Mostly, I get to take harried executives — male and female — to and from the airport, so let’s just say that it’s an unlikely scenario. Also, as the article allows, it’s against Uber’s rules and I’m kinda law-abiding when to comes to that kind of thing. And even further, I’m at an age when I’m no longer ruled by my dick — I rather outgrew this silliness when I played in a band in my teens and twenties — and even if some insane woman did offer herself to me (we’re talking Powerball odds here anyway), I’m just not gonna do it because… sheesh, do I even have to explain how wrong it is?

I’m just not interested in giving a complete stranger that kind of power over me. Nor should anyone. Not even with her…

Yeah I know, I know… but I don’t have any other pics of strange women lying in taxicabs. It’s never been a fetish of mine.


  1. Forgive me for veering way off-topic, but you might be pleased to hear this.

    I just now finished running an OS recovery on my Windows 10 machine due to a really hard crash (“Attempted to write to read-only memory”? The hell?!), and while I was able to do some backup of documents and image files, I failed to get my browser favorites backed up. So, I’ve been trying to remember a couple of hundred bookmarks and looking them up in search engines.

    Searching for both “Splendid Isolation” and “Kim Du Toit” on Duck Duck Go returns your blog at the top or second from the top for both items. Same thing with Bing. Didn’t try Goolag. I wouldn’t give them a glass of my piss if they were dying of thirst.

  2. Kim; You’re not even mentioning the diseases you might receive as a parting gift!

  3. I would imagine give your history, such a strumpet would consider you to be quite the catch. Sort of like the white whale and Mobile Dick. hee he.

  4. As Chateau Heartiest would say, “Riding the carousel and advertising the fact.” She will be one of those cat ladies who won’t be able to figure out why all the “good” men are taken when she hits the low SMV skids in her 30’s.

  5. Western civilization will have a tough time surviving this increasing degeneracy.

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