Science To The Rescue

Here’s another face-palming moment in our modern Zeitgeist:

Women don’t regret a one night stand as long as they made the first move and the person they are sleeping with is good in bed, study finds

And they have even less regret if their random bed partner buys them a new house too. (Okay, that part wasn’t in the study, but it’s not an illogical corollary by any means.)

So if Madame decides to grace some bloke with access to her pudenda, AND he performs like a stud muffin, she is well-pleased. We needed a study to tell us this?

And if she allowed herself to be seduced after a few cocktails and her paramour turned out to be a lousy lover, then she’s filled with remorse and self-loathing and may decide that the whole event was rapey and she needs to call the cops. I mean, making a questionable decision is one thing, but then to have the guy not satisfy Madame? It’s a crime. (And it’s doubleplusungood if he kicks her out and makes her find her own way home…)

I am so glad that I’m past this particular stage of the Sex Wars.


  1. Dunno, but the model looks like someone drag.

    Not one I would even want to take home after gallons of alcohol.

  2. The morning after can bring either bragging rights, or post-coital tristesse .
    And, apropos of bragging rights, do women talk about their male partners intimate matters more than men talk about what their woman does, and how?

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