Just A Minute, Sparky

From our mole in Scandinavia comes this little gem:

Seriously? You mean just laughing at this bullshit would send me to jail?


And who is this priceless little feministical?

So all that study in the hard sciences, and young Ashleigh is analyzing the  implications of gender differential in flatulence?

Send me to jail now, Judge Sotomayor. Because I’m never going to quit making fun of these spoiled First-World fuckups and their loony little “philosophy”, ever.


  1. Wow..just, Wow!

    This is not your normal stupid. This is PhD stupid. It takes years of hard work and study to attain this level of disconnect from the real world.


  2. Those who don’t embrace all aspects of the faith shall have committed heresy and shall therefor be drawn and quartered after being punished on the rack, just because. Tis Friday and I smell beef roasting, off with their heads, a good old European tradition with a solid historical basis for dealing with unbelievers.

  3. But, but, isn’t a lady farting during sex a comment on your performance, not a round of applause?

  4. Okay, from behind the enemy lines here. UofT (University of Toronto) is where the good Dr. Jordan Peterson teaches. It’s a full blown leftist shithole only out done by Wilfrid Laurier. She’s a leader in CUPE which is Canadian Union of Public Employees. So far left they make Marx seem conservative. Remember reading about the “fart rape” a few years ago. Still hilarious and still standing out there.

  5. I assume these rules wouldn’t apply to the horde of Muslim immigrants they imported? They still need each other as allies in the destruction of Western Civilization.

    Once that goal has been accomplished, I assume they’ll turn on each other like Hitler and Stalin.

  6. “…and the man responded by farting louder than the woman, than [sic] that would be rape.”
    What I see in that statement is a woman who doesn’t get any and needs a good screwing so she will know the difference between a fart and penetration. (I know, I’m a rapist for the patriarchs)
    More Prog/Alinsky tactics of changing the meaning of words. Arguing with that man-hating bitch would be an exercise in futility. One may as well talk to a vinyl record stuck in groove … I’m right, you’re a patriarchal pig…-click- …I’m right, you’re a patriarchal pig…-click -…I’m right, you’re a patriarchal pig…-click -…. Some git ‘er done general once called that being “stuck on stupid.”

    This insanity is popping up elsewhere in formerly sane STEM programs; e.g., Donna Riley, a professor at Purdue University’s School of Engineering Education, published an article in the most recent issue of the peer-reviewed Journal of Engineering Education, positing that academic rigor is a “dirty deed” that upholds “white male heterosexual privilege.” Riley added that “scientific knowledge itself is gendered, raced, and colonizing.”
    In her CV, Riley lists “social justice” in engineering as one of her interests. Probably ought to be listed under “religious affiliation”

    1. I really don’t think this self-described “feminist” and “anarchist” really knows what those words mean. She seems a little shaky on the definition of “rape” too.

      Also, if a woman farts in my presence, I really don’t feel a need to fart louder. I’m pretty sure the standard male response is to simply pretend that it didn’t happen or, if others have heard it, to take the blame himself.

    2. You’re putting more thought into her position than she ever did.
      Anarchist is hip and edgy, so that’s what she calls herself. Even though her sum total of research into the tenants is listening to some old Sex Pistols records.

  7. So if I go wandering down the produce aisle, ‘crop-dusting’ as Andre the Giant used to refer to it, and the produce discolors, what would her reaction be when I stare at her as if she did it?

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