Smelling Salts, Please

A recent comment by Reader Velocette got me thinking about old Alfa Romeos, so off to the Internet I went… and found this on the first try.

This little beauty was offered for sale about a year ago:

The asking price was $125,000 and it was sold. Read the article to get the full flavor of the car. I’d say the buyer got the best bargain of 2017.

I’m so jealous I could spit.


  1. Lovely machine. I remember Jeremy Clarkson loves Alfas. When the Quadrifoglio came out, he reviewed it, and gave a long eulogy to driving an Alfa-Romeo through the Tuscan hills. Which ended “and then you close the door and the handle comes off in your hand.”

  2. Now that’s what I’m talking about, minus the screamer twin-cam engine, junk electrics, general fragility and numerous handbuilt peculiarities. All that aside if looks can kill a Spider Veloce is pure murder. Rare little suckers as well.

  3. That AlFA is identical to my first one. 1958 Giulietta Spyder Veloce 1300. Drum brakes and a 4 speed gearbox.
    The difference between the 1300 & 1600 later 60’s Giulia, was a vestigial hood scoop on the forward end of the hood. They had a 1600 engine, front disc brakes and a 5 speed. Red is the correct color for Alfa Giulia series cars. Delightful machines they were.
    The 1300 Veloce topped out at a little over 105 mph, reading 6500 on the tach, about 2mph faster than my brothers TR4.

      1. My Alfa was quite reliable. Magneti Marelli electrical stuff is golden compared to Joe Lucas (The prince of darkness) stuff. BUT, I was in my 20’s and did not think about reliability then. Had three of them, 1300 Giulietta Veloce, 1600 Giulia, and a 1900 C Super Sprint Superleggera body by Touring. I bought the 1900 in Italy & brought it back to the US.
        ( ) That white one looks exactly like the one I had. Traded it off because I couldn’t get parts in the US for it. Especially on E4 pay.

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