1. I wouldn’t have “caught” Sinatra with a free ticket and a BJ from Angie Dickinson.
      However, Dean Martin… now we’re talking.

  1. Unfortunately it has changed mightily since then, and since I left in ’90. Too damned many outsiders flooded the place. It doesn’t feel like home anymore and it is becoming more and more an urban blue area instead of a free western city/state. Just with gambling and better shows.

  2. SHOT? Hmph. These days, everybody is cranking out 1911s, Glocks (or clones thereof), ARs, and the odd AK. There’s some movement in the suppressor market. But I’d rather go to IWA Nuremburg.

    1. Yeah, but as much as I prefer Bavaria to Nevada, it’s cheaper to drive to LV than to fly to Nuremburg.

  3. My FIL, now just shy of 94, has regaled me many times of how his high school band loaded up a school bus in Ely, Nevada to perform in Las Vegas. This was during the Great Depression. They stayed in peoples’ houses, because there was no money for hotels, nor many hotels–just one small casino (as he tells it). 1935 or ’36. There were around 10,000 residents.

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