Warning Sign

When I first saw this little foray into feminism, I was amused:

People who yearn to become entrepreneurs may find guidance at the new Feminist Business School, an online program that aims to help women launch businesses founded upon the theory of “feminine entrepreneurship” and “body-loving business practices.”

But it gets better:

The only faculty member of this school appears to be [its founder] Armbrust, who does not appear to have any direct business experience, but did take a few business classes at Portland Community College. She concedes that her program will not teach any direct business skills, such as bookkeeping or legal knowledge, but suggests that she may offer such a course in the future.

Now when you’ve all stopped that cis-male giggling (and you Lady Readers are included in this), there is one positive aspect to this unutterably stupid venture: if any manager sees a graduate of this “business school” in an employment interview, the warning bells should go off, because if the applicant should be hired, the company can look forward to not only an incompetent employee but to endless complaints and whining about patriarchal hegemony or whatever they call ordinary business practices these days.

So this “Professor” Armbrust has done us all a great favor; her students, not so much.

And Evergreen State “College” should be proud of themselves: they’ve made their institution an even bigger laughing-stock than before, if that’s even possible. Here’s their mission statement:

Evergreen emphasizes collaborative, interdisciplinary learning across significant differences. Our academic community engages students in defining and thinking critically about their learning. Evergreen supports and benefits from local and global commitment to social justice, diversity, environmental stewardship and service in the public interest.

Translated: you won’t get an education here, just liberal indoctrination. Enroll at your own risk.


  1. Now there’s a good new venture for you. Find some investors and set up an employer’s online database of unemployable idiots.

    You could hire people to read the news for the usual rich moron harvest. Just today Insty has links to https://www.thecollegefix.com/post/40715/ and https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=10339

    You could get graduate and staff lists form the fine educational institution you have highlighted here and the many, many others all over the USA.

    There are lots of DB’s for supposedly good people, such as LinkedIn, but a DB of their opposites? Fertile ground. There is a deluge of stupid incompetents out there and an obvious need to identify and catalogue them.

    When you’re a trillionaire from this brilliant idea, send me an appropriate royalty please.

  2. It’s a fancy school that teaches you how to be a prostitute. Is this article from “The Onion”?

    1. If only it was. Evergreen is kooky left even compared to the rest of the Pugetopolis part of Washington. When our finances are to the point of allowing us to retire, it won’t be here…

  3. > the company can look forward to not only an incompetent employee but to
    > endless complaints and whining about patriarchal hegemony

    Frankly I’d be more worried about the harassment lawsuits.

  4. For some strange reason, I get the impression that the Womyn who take this “course” aren’t exactly looking at becoming successful via actual business.
    This is more for leftist gals who either married into money, or inherited it, and will either open a hobby boutique store, or go on to a nice seat on a leftist foundation’s board.

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